100 Dreams

If time & money were out of the equation, what are the 100 things you’d like to see, have, do, become, support (ie charties) etc

1. Fundraise for AWLQ
2. Become a qualified Wildcare Carer & Rescuer (do some of the classes through Wildcare QLD)
3. Foster carer AWLQ
4. Start my fur kids family – cats, dogs, snake, etc
5. Buy a house on acreage – Gold Coast
6. Buy land to convert into a private dog park with a section for dog aggressive dogs allowed to run around off leash safely – Gold Coast
7. Invest into “the network” so it can go Australia wide
8. Invest into Pet Tech (buy demo dogs, books, etc)
9. Weekly ousekeeper
10. Personal chef
11. Fundraise for Wildcare
12. Create a garden maze
13. Write my screenplays
14. Make my screenplays into movies
15. Go to the movies
16. Sleep in / do nothing some days 🙂
17. Invest into GCPETS – Systemise my business
18. Invest in GCPETS – uniforms
19. Cert. Animal Care
20. Dog Trainer qualification
21. Keep my hair in great condition / personal hairdresser & stylist
22. Start my burlesque career
23. Invest in GCPETS & “The Network” – Have an official office space !
24. Afford a solicitor for my biz
25. Employ a Personal Assistant
26. Buy a pet grooming salon
27. Buy a vet
28. Buy a pet store – no pets
29. Buy a doggie daycare or create one
30. Create a “nursing home” for senior cats & dogs
31. Buy a burlesque & pole school
32. Install a pole dance room
33. Re start caporeria XANGO Capoeira Australia – Class Roda Gold Coast – www.xangocapoeira.com.au

34. Have a home in Darwin

35. Have a home in Melbourne
36. Fly first class
37. Start a veggie etc garden
38. Start a community veggie garden
39. Eat in some of the best restaurants
49. Consult an image stylist
50. Maintain my car
51. Have car detailed regularly
52. Vanity plate — GCPETS or VEE or MISSVEE or LADY0V
53. Invest in GCPETS – car signage
54. Invest in GCPETS – hire a HR Manager
55. Start a “stripper school” where people can learn skills so they can be “smart strippers” – sales, health, manage finances, exit plan, support
56. Afford to visit the Dentist
57. Afford good health care
58. Donate to Wildlife Warriors
59. Buy land to save land – return it to nature within Australia and everywhere.
60. Get back into hula hooping – private lessons
61. Start adult entertainment agency
62. Buy a strip club
63. Buy a brothel
64. Buy a cattery
65. Buy a kennel
66. Buy a block of flats
67. Buy a couple of CP+ IPs
68. Travel anywhere I pleased overseas
69. Travel around Australia in a Winnebago
70. Disneyland Disneyworld ETC
71. Pet Tech Master Instructor qualification
72. Mac !!!
73. Own my mobiles (buy outright)
74. Afford my debts – more good debt vs bad debt
75. Buy a custom motorcycle
76. Buy a moped motorcycle
77. Invest in social media knowledge
78. Visit & spend time with friends
79. Dubai – want to see where my Dad has lived for years
80. Afford to go to music festivals esp wherever The Prodigy perform
81. Dance lessons
82. Buy at home security business
83. Buy a moped motorcycle
84. Gain my motorcycle license
85. Buy a motorcycle



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