13 Questions

1. What is your demon?


2. What is the most important part of your education?


3. Which “thinker” has had the greatest influence on your life?


4. What do you doubt most?

Universe (not all the time but I have my times where I do)

5. What is happiness?

Money in my bank account. Bills paid without stress. Cat purring on my lap. Dog wagging its tail. Smiles. Dancing. Creating change in peoples’ lives.

6. What illusion do you suffer from?

I’m not good enough (scared of my potential)

7. What would you never do, no matter the price?

There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for a price – the price can be financial or the price can be situational/circumstantial. Please forgive me, however I have already come to accept my shadow self that is there and can be accessed when needed (as I said – the price can be situational)

8. If you could choose, what would you have for your last meal?

An all you can eat buffet 🙂

9. The question you’d most like to ask others?

It changes day by day and depends on the person.

10. Your favourite word?

[ No answer yet as I have many favourite words ]

11. What is a good death?


12. What do people accuse you of?

Offending people 🙂 Being unforgettable (not always in a good way but sometimes!)

13. What is the meaning of life?

To live. Not to survive.

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