Extremely persuasive argument that chocolate will not only reduce my swollen joints but also relieve my pain ?

One of my many Facebook friends posted the following status update moments ago….

W—— isn’t buying my extremely persuasive argument that chocolate will not only reduce my swollen joints but also relieve my pain…
W—— is her husband/partner.


So… why this blog post ?   Because THIS IS TRUE !    Hopefully this will help show people like W—— that Cacao (thus what is present in a clean pure form within Xocai chocolate) and as well as the Acai berry backs up this argument.


Firstly from the internet…


The type of oils that contain omega-3 fatty acids …. actually reduce inflammation.

DID YOU KNOW: Xocai MEGA Squares contain Omega-3 fatty acids

There are also allergens such as casein and gluten found in wheat and dairy products that cause inflammation and swelling. Some people have to stop eating wheat and dairy entirely because of the amount of discomfort they cause.

DID YOU KNOW: Xocai chocolate is gluten free !

Foods high in refined sugar ….. also cause inflammation and swelling. If you are having a problem with arthritis, you should stay away from sugar as much as you possibly can.

DID YOU KNOW: The sugars used in Xocai chocolates are good sugars that can be easily metablised by the body. NO REFINED SUGAR !


SOURCE:   http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/treating-rheumatoid-arthritis#4

Between meals, try nuts and fruits. Walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, and hazelnuts are all great choices. So are an array of fruits like apples, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, raspberries, and strawberries.

DID YOU KNOW: Acai is a berry – a superfood berry. Also, lots of Xocai chocolates contain blueberries. EAT UP !!


SOURCE: http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/treating-rheumatoid-arthritis#7

Thankfully, eating healthy doesn’t mean missing out on the sweet stuff. Chocolate – yes, chocolate – that is at least 70% pure cocoa is the way to go. Other desserts low in fat and heavy in the fruits and nuts mentioned earlier are also great ways to keep inflammation down.

DID YOU KNOW: It is the Cacao that is the “healthy” part of Xocai healthy chocolate.  Cocoa tends to be processed.  Not to mention if you do your research (I DARE YOU!) you’ll find that the cacao Xocai uses is a very clean.  MXI Corp who is behind Xocai healthy chocolate tries to ensure to keep the cacao as pure and clean as possible.


SOURCE: http://www.arthritistoday.org/nutrition-and-weight-loss/healthy-eating/food-and-inflammation/eat-to-beat-inflammation.php

What can you do? Add more veggies, fruit, nuts, tea and even chocolate to your diet. Many plant-based foods contain antioxidants and phytochemicals, both of which may decrease the activity of the COX-2 enzyme, reducing joint inflammation. And don’t forget to load up on omega-3 fatty acids, found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna.

XOCAI ADDICT SAYS — Seriously ?!  I’ve already said it.  Xocai MEGA Squares… I “bolded” the important keywords above which MEGA Squares contain… and all Xocai chocolate has HUGE antioxidant ORAC ratings. The fruit part is the Acai berry and blueberries that are added to a lot of Xocai healthy chocolates.


If you’re more into scientific research, ask your Xocai distributor for their “The science of Xocai” and “Athletic performance & chocolate: a healthy mix” brochures.  The first brochure actually quotes which scientific journals and studies back up these claims. Naturally, if you do not know of anyone locally, I’ll be happy to find a local Xocai distributor on your behalf (or even send them myself).

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