20 Benefits of using Send Out Cards for Fundraising

1. No Clean-up

2. No need for volunteers

3. No requests for donations (the ‘residual income’ helps with your costs)

4. No collection/handling of $$  (SOC will do that for you – you just get ‘paid’)

5. No left over items

6. No need for storage

7. No concern for weather

8. No concern for increase in Expenses/Overhead  (you will without a doubt make back your initial costs and more!)

9. No delivery of product (SOC does it for you!)

10. Year-round, 24/7, fundraising program that has a global reach!

11. Opportunity for a contributor (either one person or a few) to become possible lifetime benefactors or something similar by sponsoring the one-time $295 start-up cost.

12. A supporter relationship strengthening vehicle for the organization.

13. Ability to build on an organization’s shared core value of “giving to give”.

14. An efficient, personalized appreciation marketing tool used to thank volunteers, donors, participants, vendors, etc.

15. SendOutCards is in its own right is a “good will” ambassador.

16. With Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go options, supporters can participate at a level that fits their budget and also benefits them.

17. More products continuously being developed and launched providing increased opportunity to drive greater passive sustainable revenue

18. No running to the store!

19. No licking the stamps!

20. No calories!

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