30 Days to Unleash Greatness & Unlock Abundance with Pitbull Mindset – Day 1

Abundance Assessment

The first thing to do is to take a snapshot of where your abundance mindset is at right now. Rate the following statements for how true they are for you on a scale of 0 to 10. Be honest.

__7__ I feel infinitely abundant
__7__ I expect abundance in my life
__8__ I see abundance everywhere
__6__ I know I deserve abundance
__5__ I feel secure and safe about my future
__9__ I’m doing okay but would like to do better
__9__ I struggle with abundance
__7__ I have a lot of debt and can’t pay my bills
__9__ I feel stressed about my current position
__8__ I feel tired, overwhelmed and frustrated
__5__ I feel extremely uncertain about my future
__3__ I feel a sense of hopelessness about my life in general

This is based on 1 being least abundant and 10 being most abundant feelings in relation to the above statements. Let’s see if this changes in 30 day time…

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