4 Ways to Leverage Your Facebook Cover Photo

I’ve recently been offering a few Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneurs some complimentary “reviews” of their Facebook Pages so as they can grow their businesses (using social media) effectively…..

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In the two reviews I have done on two different businesses in different industries … they have both under-ultilised their cover photo on their pages.

The great news is that businesses can have calls to action in their cover photos (i.e. “Call To Book NOW For Xmas!”, LIKE our page, Sign Up For Your Free Gift, etc) and encouraging engagement.

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Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Français : Logo de Facebook Tiếng Việt: Logo Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are fours ways that you can leverage your cover photo:

#1: Direct fans to an offer

Use your cover photo to display the offer and direct your fans to where specifically (or how specifically) they can claim it.

If your offer is hosted outside of Facebook (for instance, they need to sign up to your email list to receive it), that will work too. Simply provide a link to where your fans can claim their offer, just be sure to make the link easy to re-type since you cannot have active (clickable) links in a cover photo.

#2: Provide a link to valuable information

Chances are you don’t put every bit of valuable information you offer to your fans on your Facebook Page. Sometimes you want your fans to go to your website or other social networks to receive valuable information. The Facebook cover is the perfect place to lead people outside of Facebook for more information. Just keep in mind, as we mentioned earlier, that you can’t have active links in the cover photo so you’ll want to be sure to create a landing Page or have a simple URL that users can re-type easily.

Avoid using goo.gl and bit.ly links unless they are customised hence making them easier to re-type into a web browser.

*For those with regularly use Periscope this can be a great way to advertise for more viewers on your shows! 

#3: Ask your fans to share your Page

This is better than asking your fans to “Like” your Page. You’re asking them to share your paw-someness with their friends.

Oftentimes people log onto Facebook and they scroll through their News Feed and visit their friends and favorite brands’ Pages but they aren’t thinking about telling someone about their favorite brands. Your cover photo can be the perfect reminder for fans to pass on how cool you are. Be sure to make your cover photo fun and give your fans a reason to want to tell their friends to “Like” you.

#4: Send people to your website

The BEST use of your Facebook Page is to offer resources, talk about fun stuff, show off your staff, etc. It’s a smart move to rarely get into the nitty gritty of business and pitch your product or service because that’s not really what Facebook is for, that’s the purpose of a website!

If you’re wanting to pitch something about your product or service, try using your cover photo to lead your fans back to your website where they can learn about your product or service.

*Tip:  If you’re going to use your cover image on your Page to pitch any specials or sales you have going, please ensure you list any expiry dates (or if there are limit stocks) as well as the ONE action step (how specifically) someone can claim the special.   Do not ever assume people will “know” how to do so. Always explain and only have ONE action step (i.e. go to www.yourwebsite.com and use discount code XXX to claim this offer!) 


There you have it! Now go on… choose one of these (or use all of them)…  test and measure which one works best for your business…  and if you would like to free Facebook Page review 🙂  GET IN TOUCH !


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For Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneurs ….

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