5 Tips For Helping You Win As A Periscope Broadcaster (Once You Have CLICKED Start Broadcast)


1. Pick Your Passion

Not sure what to talk about? Pick the topic that you can talk about underwater.

Choose something you are passionate about. You will feel less like you are presenting and more like you are chatting with a friend. Turn on the camera and go for it.

2. Be Consistent

The Broadcasters that are doing well have something special that is shining through – they are starting their broadcasts in a consistent way, at a consistent time or giving tips about a consistent topic, wearing the same hat or glasses, or using similar welcome phrases and questions each time.

As you find your feet you will find your “thing”. Try to have something that is “you”.

From what you wear to the phrasing you use (that should come naturally), to where you scope from… try to be consistent in some way.

Consistency breeds familiarity and we crave a sense of belonging. People will tune in like they tune into their favourite TV show… because they are comfortable watching your broadcasts.

3. Yet… Be Human !

Just because you are consistent doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up. Whether it is to go outside vs inside your office, or show your “casual” after hours self… or perhaps to change the topic for a day (if you usually talk about cupcakes and baking, give a business tip instead). It might be that you take us on a tour. There are many ways to surprise and delight your viewers.

4. Involve Your Viewers

Periscope is interactive. Ask People to Share the Scope with Their Followers, Take Time to Welcome People (but don’t take too long) and Ask For Hearts (don’t beg!)


5. Engage With Other Peri-People !

Engage in the Periscope community as a viewer and watch several scopes to pick up tips from your comrades! Here’s a list of some of my favorite entrepreneurial Peri-People. You can use the search function on Periscope to hunt them down and follow them back:

PeriGirls:  @ThePeriGirls
Kim Garst: @KimGarst
Alex Pettitt:  @Alexpettitt


What are some your top tips to win as a Periscope broadcaster ?   Who do you follow for the best tips ?

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