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Hey !   My name is Vanessa … I’m a Sexy, Organic, Crazy Gal ! aka “I am a SOC Gal!”

My ultimate goal is to make a difference in peoples’ lives.. so that when my obituary is written this is the over-riding theme.  Thus my passion for Send Out Cards comes from merging my ultimate goal with something that is “tech-y” (harnesses the awesome power technology) !

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How are greeting cards sexy ?  The same way a confident woman or man is sexy. If you are someone who likes to H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Excel) – that’s sexy !  Passion is sexy 🙂 SOC helps bring beauty to the world which is sexy as all hell 🙂  The sexy is also because of my interest in pole dancing and burlesque.

One of my dreams with SOC is for me to be able to re-learn and re-ignite my interest in pole dancing and burlesque.  I’m hoping to be able to bring back “Lady Vee” 🙂


This reflects my nature centered belief system. Yes, I’ll admit it right here and now – I’m a Pagan.  I chose this spirituality back in Litha 1995. So you’re welcome to call me a heathen! hahahaha 🙂  The “organic” part of my SOC also reflects my passion/connection with animals and the environment.

Some people might say promoting SOC thus a paper product is not doing the environment any favours.  Yes, it’s true it does use paper however it is ethically & sustainably sourced.  Not to mention it is really easy to re-cycle any cards sent compared to a lot of other network marketing products/packaging.

Oh… and because of the type of product it is… you can be sure it is suitable for those whom are sensitive to the issues surrounding animal testing, those with any special diets and so forth 🙂


Because everyone else is insane and I’m the only sane person on this whole planet… right 😉  ? hehehe   Let’s try to not take life too seriously and have some fun.

How did I stumble upon Send Out Cards ?

I actually was first introduced to SOC long before I even thought about starting my current business ( Gold Coast Pet Sitting). This was in the very early days of SOC as he didn’t have a website to send me to (or he did and I’ve forgotten it).  Instead he sent me this little information pack that contained what looked like a newpaper (one page), a CD and one other thing.  I held onto this little information pack for many years !

Then the day came when I could afford the nearly $600 “Distributor” package.  I’m the type of person that goes all in – no halfway for me.  I wanted the whole whizz bang thing – everything !  I found a SOC distributor through one of my favourite business networking groups (Ask Ernie Business League) and here I am today. Anyone whom joins now is so lucky as it has all become cheaper 🙂 I kinda wish I waited another year or two hahahaha

I have been involved in numerous other Network Marketing ventures however none of them REALLY successful (my last one was MXI / Xocai before I returned to SOC).

In my first venture, I had a not so great reaction to some of the products which made me think twice about being a distributor.  Unfortunately, you had to buy a heap of the products in this particular company (aka “product loading” I think it is called) and it was a bitch of a process (on purpose in my opinion) to get the company to “buy the product” back.

My next venture was better.  I did believe in the product. I was having great results. I even had a nice little downline happening (full of consumers and distributors) however left that company after realising that it wasn’t that unique a product.  Not to mention the cost wasn’t really that affordable for the everyday jo and jane (something I’m always aware of with Network Marketing).

After a break of a few years, I finally fell into a well established well known network marketing company.  I have nothing bad to say about this particular company as it has produced many financially free people and I still do believe in (and use) some of their products.  For me it was a matter of too much choice that I couldn’t find my niche even after a year, the upkeep (to stay “qualified” as well as attend all the events which there was MANY) and the real downside was that my expenditure on any samples never counted towards the “qualification points” each month.

Then I jumped into SOC.  I mostly was interested in SOC for the potential of using alongside my current business more than itself as a business.  Thus I was easily swayed away recently with my chocolate addiction into Healthy Chocolate.  Once again, I’m very thankful for the experience as it helped me learn even more about ‘what works for me’ for a Network Marketing company.   I’m still a big believer of that product (Healthy Chocolate) because I’m a huge chocoholic mostly (hahahaha) 🙂

So here I am now back with Send Out Cards.  This website is going to chronicle my own journey. I have a very good feeling I’ve finally found “it” !


A couple of questions:

How were you introduced to SOC?

Whilst I cannot remember “exactly” how I was introduced to SOC – as mentioned above – I was given a little “info” package in the mail which I held onto for years because I saw the potential.  I wanted to be part of it however (at the time) the cost was out of my budget until it wasn’t … and then I signed up under someone else whom I knew from a local business networking group.

I’m a great example of staying in touch with your prospects as you just NEVER know when they will sign up !

What’s your long-term goal?

I will blog about my 100 dreams list. This is a list that I developed with thanks to a previous network marketing company yet still is a great to do… like most people I have difficulty getting to 100.  Use the search box on the right and put in the words: 100 Dreams  to be given most of my posts.

You can also search for my G.A.I.N.S  (Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks, Skills) post by clicking here.

Achieving our long-term goals involves a lot of baby steps. What goal are you working toward right now?

STEP ONE:  To acquire two retail customers or one preferred customer to “fix my leaking bucket” 🙂  Then go from there.

If you had to put your personal philosophy on a bumper sticker, what would it be?




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