Advise from ‘The Father of Modern Networking’: My Personal Notes | Send Out Cards Webinar

These are my personal notes that I “took away” from listening to Dr Misner

No quick way to build a powerful personal network

Must mis-understand what networking REALLY is — it’s about relationships.

People show up to networking events wanting to sell but not wanting to buy

It’s about Farming not hunting. Cultivating relationships.

Understand the VCP process: Visibility Credibility Profitability

Mindset then the skill

Visibility: Who you are and what you do

Credibility:  Know you and/or your company is good at what you do

Profitability: V+C and willing to pass ongoing referrals to you

It takes time approx 6 months to 1 year !

Diversify the networks to which I belong

Spend at least 6.5 hours every week networking if you want to be average. If you want to be above average spend 8-10 hours each week doing networking activities.

4 Streams of Personal Networks: casual contacts networks (ie local chamber of commerce); knowledge networks (anything to do with gaining knowledge) ; strong contacts networks (ie BNI) and online networks (social media). Join at least 1 within each network no need to over do it.

Immerse and engage in learning how to do networking: books, etc.

91.4% contributed networking to  playing a role in their success.

Learn the skillset to apply to the mindset of VCP

Sales vs Networking: sales the end result of networking. You network to “get” sales.

Referral leads “close” at a much higher ratio than an advert.

Scripts vs Speaking from the heart: when you’re new they’re a great guide to help you stay on track however try to move away from them ASAP. Speaking from the heart is best: Tell a story in your own words.

What makes a great story ?

#1 Give the audience a fact

#2 Warp that fact in an emotion

#3 That compells people to take action

#4 That transforms them in some way

If your network is a mile wide and an inch deep — your network will fall over whenever you hit any obstacles or tough economic times.  The best is broad and deep in places.

Do “touch points” where you touch the person without selling to them then go deep – invite to a 1to1 meeting – Do the GAINS exchange (networking) to see how you can help each other.

GAINS: Goals – Accomplishments – Interests – Networks – Skills



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