Are you guilty of this… and how much is it costing you?

Author: Vitaly Grinblat (Editor, Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter )

01934 These Numbers Are Everywhere
01934 These Numbers Are Everywhere (Photo credit: nickhall)

I guess this whole thing comes from the “old school” mentality that you should recruit EVERYONE… if it can fog a mirror they’re a prospect and this is a numbers game.

I get a lot of emails from people in the industry, some addressed directly to me, and some are just SPAM (which I consider anything anyone sends me without me subscribing to their list or asking for it), that simply pitch their opportunity with a line or two of text and some ridiculous claim.

Like… Make X in just a couple of hours a day or something like that.

Some are a little longer, where the email says… “this is the hottest new thing and it’s on the move… jump in this with me and you can make X”

You’ve seen them and quiet frankly, as soon as I see it, I just hit the DELETE button.

I know we’ve all been taught that this is a numbers game… and it is.

But seriously, do you expect people who don’t know or trust you to be even a little interested in some hyped up claim?

Unfortunately most, not all but most people in our industry when they’re first starting out act this way.

And understandably so, they are excited about the business and are following their leaders’ war cry to go and recruit everyone.

However it’s like giving a child a loaded shotgun.

They simply “blow” people away with their aggressive and often obnoxious approach, both online and off.

Is it any wonder they don’t get the results they want?

And is this not the reason why people on the “outside” are so leery and skeptical of our entire industry?

Of course not, and it makes perfect sense.

Which is why if you want to sell your business opportunity, you need to have the “right approach”.

There’s no need to chase after people and put up a bunch of unrealistic and completely ridiculous claims.

In my opinion, it’s always best to focus on creating a relationship with people.

Yes even online.

It’s really unfortunate that most “internet marketing” courses don’t teach this crucial part of the business.

I don’t care WHAT you sell… IF you want people to buy into your product, service or business opportunity (especially your business), then relationship comes FIRST.

That doesn’t mean you have to physically know someone as in talk to them over the phone, but you want to people to get EXCITED when they see an email from you.

You want people to know who you are and create a track record of valuable advice you’re providing, so when when the time comes for you to present your business… they are actually OPEN to see it.

The more I do business online, the more I realize how much resemblance there is with doing business offline.

Internet is simply a way for you to connect with others… but it doesn’t eliminate their need to actually connect with you.

This phrase is a HUGE tip and a MAJOR mistake most online marketers make.

Quiet honestly I fell into that trap as well, thinking that I can hide behind a computer and just push buttons.

Well physically yes, but in reality when there’s no relationship… there can be no hope for a long-term business.

Facebook is a fantastic place to connect with others… but not to SPAM everyone with your opportunity without providing value first.

If you do, you’re simply shooting yourself in the foot and destroying any potential future opportunities with these people.

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