Authenticity Courage Justice

It’s amazing.

Just the last few weeks of my life…

And how the movement has resulted in more movement…


It all started many weeks ago…  my X flatmate decided she needed to re-home one of her dogs.  No biggie ? Except it was for me personally.  Out of the two dogs I lived with (past tense) that were hers (at the time) … I only really liked one of them.  She never saw it in him. She never saw how smart he was. How loyal he was. How adorable he was. How sweet..  need I go on ? She would call him ugly, and never really truly believed he was ‘her’ dog IMO.  None-the-less, as I honestly didn’t trust that she would re-home this particular dog in the best way I went into “all hands on deck” mode.  I found a friend who could adopt him asap (even if it meant it might be a temporary pit-stop for him).

Now, I’m familiar with The Feather – Brick – Truck.  (If you’d like to know more about Feather – Brick – Truck click here.)

I received the feather quite soon into the time I started living where I used to live with this X flatmate that I needed to move.  Unfortunately, I ignored it.  I kept living where I used to live and put up with all the nuances including my X flatmate’s nuances as well as the fact that I knew I would never ever be able to fully relax where I lived nor be myself.

The brick came. I nearly moved out then. I came inches from moving out however for whatever reason I didn’t.  I continued to live uncomfortably in my comfort zone.   Thank you Universe it was nearly the push I needed. It was quite the push however I stayed.

This latest incident was the Truck.  I finally broke. I finally had the courage to leave.

I couldn’t live there anymore. It wasn’t congruent to my overall well-being.  I was looking at the 6 closest people in my everyday life – and this X flatmate was one of them. So was the dog she was wanting to re-home.

Thus the journey began.  I started hunting for a new room and place to live (yes I only rent a room – for now).  I actually looked at every situation and place critically (as was possible) as well as with a partial thought for the dog that was re-homed because I wanted to still consider adopting.

Long story.. short.. I moved.  I also approached my friend who had originally adopted the dog if I could adopt him.  After a good discussion, she gave her consent to the adoption.

Now ? What has this got to do with anything ?  Justice.  Justice I have found out recently is one my highest values.  It’s why I felt like I had to step in to be of assistance in rehoming the dog that is now mine.  It is also linked heavily with The Summerlands Project (my legacy project).

Also, it has everything to do with courage.  Courage to finally move.  Courage to trust in the Universe it would give me a more conductive living situation.   Once again, recently, I found out Courage is a high value of mine.

Thanks to the move… thanks to also using the opportunity to “discard” a lot of items that I had been holding onto for reasons I really am not sure anymore…  other things started moving in my life….  I was interviewed for the local newspaper.

Then the interview was published (today – the week after I officially moved)… and a local radio station contacted me to interview me tomorrow morning…

Wow.  If that is NOT movement then I do not know what is ?!?

Oh… and in amongst all this…  yesterday actually…  my highest three values finally ‘clicked’ … authenticity, courage and justice.

For the longest of longest times I had been wondering why money was never a huge motivator for me – even the LACK of money never motivated me …  I was looking at my vision board just not truly understanding….  did DISC personality assessment (I’m an ID)…. did Wealth Dynamics (Star)…. did The Genius Test (Dynamo) …. and whilst they each have given me a greater understanding of myself….  THIS CLICKED !

What is interesting for me personally is that I intuitively knew this… however for whatever reason it wasn’t until I went through a process on a call with Adrian / Wealth Catalyst that it just all clicked… and now EVERYTHING make super clear sense.


Have A Courageous  Authentic Business/Life With No Risk

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