Bad Lady Vee …

Woha… it’s been.. a bit of a while since I last posted huh ?  Please forgive me 🙂

So.. as is possibly obvious… SensualFit is on hold.  That’s totally okay with me…  unfortunately life showed me I had to re-focus on my existing “bread and butter” (still a passion however it IS how I earn an income right now)…  due to concentrating on Lady Vee / SensualFit for so long… yup… my lack of focus and attention on Gold Coast Pets other than the minimum has unfortunately had repercussions.

( Just as a side note, I am still working on Lady Vee just not as full on as I was in the previous months.. )

None the less, this blog isn’t so much about the above… it is more that I finally had a revelation recently.

I hold the belief that EVERYONE has three fears … and usually in order of most to least:





For quite some time I wasn’t quite sure whether Abandonment or Worthlessness was my primary fear.

Found out Abandonment is my primary fear.  Followed by Worthlessness then Powerlessness.

Then BAM… the Universe made damn sure I was to confront this fear as I experienced one cancellation after another after another for my “bread and butter” business !!   To say that it sent me in a bit of a panic or anxiety is an under-statement.

It’s because up until that point of self-discovery that I was feeling like I was being hit and hit and hit and hit and hit again … and every time I felt like I was getting back on my feet… BAM.. SMACK… I would get another hit…  I wasn’t feeling awfully confident.

Yes, the sensual confidence coach IS HUMAN !  I will have my down times. I will my low points.  I will have times when all I want to do is cry.

The difference is that I have a lot of skills available to me to dig myself mentally out of the hole.

So what’s happening now ?  I’m able to “wether the storm” because I’m back on track for my 1000 year vision (or my legacy dream as I like to call it).

Looking out to the future so far far into the future way beyond my own lifetime … it gives you perspective.  It allows you to realise… it’s crap now yet … it won’t always be like that… it is just part of the overall journey…

What else am I doing ?

1. I purchased the Gratitude365 app and fill it out every morning (minimum 3 gratitudes) even when I don’t partially feel like it (hahaha)…  I will say such awe-inspiring things that I’m grateful for my health (I am after being sick recently)… Marnie my cat being healthy… being able bodied… being able to breath independently… and so forth.  What I love about the app is that I could set a passcode on it so I can be as personal as I please without feeling like others will see it !

2. I downloaded the “Happy” app and fill it out at the end of the day as it asks the question: What went well today?  I choose ONE thing.  It has been such things as Georgina – working and running no problems (my car is named Georgina).

3. Repeat my Prosperity Prayer (I use God/dess instead of God … and I also use God/dess in a non religious sense – more the archetype/energy) at the start or at least once a day …  I believe that even if I don’t fully believe the prayer… eventually I’ll repeat the words so many times it will sink in.. and the intention is being put out there 🙂

I know… where is the exercise amongst all this ?  Or mediation ?  Whilst I like routine… I really enjoy the unpredictability of each day.  Some days I will get the exercise via pet sits and dog walks… other days… not so much yet that’s okay … IMO.  I feel the “on” days (when I’m quite active) make up for my less active days.


The pain is the fuel, the vision is the healing.
Rossco Paddison

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