Been there, done that, no thank you ?

If you’ve tried Network Marketing in the past (just like many people) and didn’t want to ever get involved ever again you’ll be able to relate to this story.  I picked this story because I have met many people (myself included at one point) that hold this point of view.

One of the best things that I enjoy about this network marketing business is not the compensation plan – honestly I’m happy for the fact that I can get paid for eating and sharing chocolate finally !  I’m not too concerned how that works.   The best thing is just how simple this business is for anyone with a product that IS consumable.  A product that works.  A product that really does “sell itself” and doesn’t any negatives as far as I can see (please prove me wrong!).

CLICK HERE to read the story of Butch and Carolyn

Here are some of the highlights that stuck with me from their story:

  • ….we had made a decision 25 years ago that we would never do “this type” of business ever again. 
  • … We have heard people say that all the time that they think Network Marketing hard…. if sharing a gift is hard, then yes it is. 
  • … It is not a get-rich-quick, and it is not a pancea. 
  • …. If you have a pre-conceived idea about what network marketing is and is not, educate yourself….  do not allow a lack of knowledge or someone else’s opinion to keep you from investigating something that could change your life. 



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