So. You’ve downloaded Periscope. You have watched a few Broadcasts (hopefully the equivalent of 5 hours worth!) and now want to “give it a go” as a Broadcaster ?

Here are 10 Things To Consider BEFORE You Click START BROADCAST

Having a better sense of these items will make your path to broadcasting a much smoother journey. It’s not just clicking “Start Broadcast”, being a Broadcaster on Periscope could involve more commitment that you expected.

1. What Kind Of Broadcaster Do You Want To Be ?

Yes, we know you may want to make some money doing this but there are more than financial benefits to becoming a Periscope Broadcaster.

What do you want to get out of broadcasting on Periscope ?

There are three main types of Broadcasters out there– Personalities, Informative and “Everyone Else”.

  • Personalities have broadcasts which is usually about them as a Person. Their broadcasts are usually very focused on them, about their lives and so forth. Examples:@DANandMOORE ; @SoniaCarroll
  • Informative is about them as an expert/guide/teacher in some capacity. You will usually find Life and Business Coaches in this category. Examples: @PetLoveBiz@Alexpettitt ; @kimgarst
  • “Everyone Else” is the noise on Periscope. These are usually easily found by clicking “the world” (map) within the app. When searching through the broadcasts, those with random titles or no title at all – they’re “Everyone Else” aka “the noise” on Periscope. Some of these people could eventually turn into Personalities however the majority are random and people using the platform for fun.

Are you even cut out to broadcast ? There is no shame in just staying a viewer. As a viewer, you can still build up your own credibility using other peoples’ broadcasts! Not to mention, every “Informative” type of Broadcaster loves their “Peri-Buddies” who can type out the main points and interact during the broadcast (oh .. and give lots of hearts!)

2. Have Realistic Expectations About Time Commitment

You don’t just click “Start Broadcast” and then money starts to come in. It takes time to build up a Following. It takes time and effort to earn respect as a Broadcaster. It takes time to come up with great content. It takes time to figure out your style.

Set the right expectations about time commitment by evaluating how much time it’ll likely take for you to Broadcast on Periscope.

3. Get The Proper Coverage

Periscope uses a LOT of data. Use WiFi where you can – because mobile data gets sucked up quickly and no one wants you getting a rude shock when you get the bill!

And speaking of data… your phone ringing will interrupt your scope, so switch your phone to airplane mode, and then switch WiFi back on. There is also a Do Not Disturb function on most phones that works too (but I just put mine in airplane mode).

4. Know Who You’re Competing With

There are thousands of Periscope Broadcasters and strong belief in you allows you to be just that, without the need to worry about others.

Be aware of who else is of a similar style or topic for a great learning opportunity. The more you know about them and the better you understand what makes them appealing or not appealing to viewers, the better you are able to adjust your offering to be a Periscope Broadcaster that will attract your own raving fans. But first, you need to be able to identify the right people: Use Periscope’s search filters to narrow it down.

5. Find the Right Viewers

In order to maximize your odds of success, you will need to position your Periscope Broadcast to appeal to the viewers who are most likely to follow you regularly. For Entrepreneurs: these are your potential customers. 😉

6. Get The Right Gadgets

Get some basic equipment when you can, to work with your Phone or iPad. It’s recommended to buy a tripod of some sort or a selfie stick and a handy clip on microphone. Then you will be good to go.

7. Get Your Bio Right

STOP! You may THINK you’re ready to click Start Broadcast now however … Have you considered your profile ? Your profile is one of the most important parts to get right on Periscope before you click Start Broadcast.

Periscope is NOT a “link” heavy platform. The only way you get to display links is to include the links in your profile.

Yet I am surprised that many people with big followings do not do one simple thing on their bio – list their URL or website.   (Remember to include http://  at the start to ensure it’s also linkable on the web as well as within the app itself.)

You can easily refer to your links (in your profile) during broadcasts and your followers know where to find you should they want to follow up on your content.

And don’t just leave your Twitter Bio as your Periscope Bio – tailor your Periscope Bio for Periscope. Edit it as you get more comfortable with broadcasting.

Ask yourself this: what do you like to broadcast about (or talk about)? Add THAT to the bio along with your website URL and some emojis to catch attention.

8. Broadcasting Smart From the Start

Consider timing. Periscope is a GLOBAL platform. It might be morning for you however it could be midnight for someone else or yesterday afternoon for another person.

It’s a bit too early in the game for there to be benchmarks for which time windows will get you the most views, But, keep in mind that because Periscope is connected to Twitter, that’s where the majority of your viewers (at this stage) will find you (or via the app).

As for the length of your video broadcasts, remember that most people’s attention spans are fairly short — especially on mobile. If your broadcasts aren’t captivating from the get-go, users will likely stop viewing your stream.

9. Create a Catchy Title for Your Broadcast

It just takes a few minutes, but try to come up with a title for your broadcast that draws us in. Either be super obvious (tell us exactly what you are going to talk about or show us) or leave a little mystery (announce you are going to reveal something or share something new on your broadcast).

Add some relevant emoji’s to your scope title to make it stand out on the Periscope feed.

What does this mean for you? Add a little colour!

Either way…make us want to watch your broadcast.

10. Make your broadcast easy to find

There are 4 settings you can control BEFORE you start the broadcast. Now I have stated “before” in capitals because this is where most people panic.

They panic at the big red “Start Broadcast” Button.

You are NOT broadcasting until you hit that button, so don’t freak out.

Take your time and check that you have the settings how you want them. These 4 settings can be seen on the screen (where you would click START BROADCAST)

Location Arrow – if you have location services on, with this arrow checked, then your location will be broadcast. This has raised security concerns however the location has been updated so that it is “broad” (not precise). Your “location” should be something you consider carefully before broadcasting – with regards to how much information you want to give away, so please consider your privacy and the privacy of others.

However you if you want to be easy to find by new followers: you will need to ensure the Location arrow is “white” (on).
Lock Symbol – You can organise a private broadcast by inviting those that you follow that you wish to broadcast with. Most broadcasts are usually public but this might be useful for some sort of special bonus or small group that you wish to speak with.

However you if you want to be easy to find: you will need to ensure the Lock symbol is “grey” (off).
Speech Bubble Symbol – If you set this setting to “ON”, then only users that you follow can chat and comment on the broadcast – you can set this feature if you want to have a more exclusive chat with your followers only. Most people don’t use this – but it’s an option if you want it.

However you if you want to be easy to interact with: you will need to ensure the Speech Bubble symbol is “grey” (off).

Twitter Post – you can have this function set to post an announcement of your broadcast to Twitter as you start the broadcast (if you are building your brand and following on Periscope I highly recommend you have this set to share to Twitter).

BONUS TIP: Have a “Welcome” Screen Saver !

This can be a simple graphic on your screen ( can be great for this!) or perhaps holding your camera on a teaser view ..or any nice view will do.

Why have a “placeholder image?

Because the camera defaults to the view that you see (front facing camera). You need to double tap the screen to flick it back to face you, so you may as well start out with a view of something on the screen that is useful, informative, sets the scene or is just nice to look at before you flick the camera over to your headshot!


Post your Periscope profile as well as what you broadcast about below to promote yourself !

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  1. How do I put a placeholder image on the screen? Just focus the camera on the image on another screen while I hit the big red button? (I can’t find any option for using a placeholder image.)

    1. Yup, I use my laptop and load an image up on my laptop .. then use that as the initial screen (for the first 3-5 seconds) as well as making sure I do a count of 5 seconds whilst having that image up at the end. Most of the time whatever is the last few seconds of image is used as the placeholder on Periscope. Don’t quote me on this tho’ as it is constantly changing unfortunately.

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