BeWitchFul Confidence : BODY – LOVE – SEXUALITY

Are YOU “being” whatever someone wants or what YOU *think* they want YOU to be ?

As a result are YOU being used & abused by various people over & over again thinking you are doing the right thing ?

Are you trying to make everyone you care about happy but none of these people are happy, least of all YOU ?

Have YOU lost sight of who YOU are & what it is that *YOU* want ?

Myself, as Lady Vee, am part of leading a movement of positive change around the world, guiding men and women to reclaim pleasure, self love and embodiment of the divine through their (physical/sexual, emotional and spiritual/intuitive) body.

The Woman Behind Lady Vee
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As seen and heard:

All In A Day’s Work interview (Gold Coast Bulletin May 2014)

Hot Tomato Interview (May 2014)

Former Gold Coast stripper launches guided strip club tours to satisfy women’s curiosity (Gold Coast Bulletin June 2014)

Wildfires Podcast hosted by Lotus Kruse interview (March 2015)

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