rub_116a_191014Meet the retired stripper who is empowering and changing the lives of Gold Coast women, Lady Vee.

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Lady Vee is answering the demand from women who feel helpless in their bodies and relationships by showing them how they can have “stripper-like” confidence.


Self-described as an educator, dancer, animal lover, and entrepreneur, Lady Vee is the main driver behind this movement of positive change – showing hundreds of introvert women how to move their bodies, feel sexy and increase confidence by practicing sensual movement as a way of improving their lives and relationships.

Lady Vee was always involved in dancing as a child and young adult, she learnt ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, ballroom, Latin-American dance and lambada.

It wasn’t until she commenced her journey in adult entertainment  at the young age of 23 that she was confronted with a her own body (and self) confidence issues.

“Whenever I would attend a party or be in a social situation, you would find me hovering near the food table or desperately latching on to anyone I knew as I was incredibly shy,” she said.

“It wasn’t until the opportunity to work within a local Gold Coast strip club presented itself to me that I was forced to confront my own body confidence issues. Stripping was something I thought I could never do.  I considered myself to be a tomboy and I had no idea about make-up. Only my boyfriend at the time had seen me naked.”

“At first, I wasn’t very good at it, I had no idea what I was doing. I was the most awkward and shy stripper you could come across at this point. I had seen some of the other dancers work however ultimately felt like a fish out of water.”

“On my first night, I sat next to a male customer. I had no idea how to chat or flirt with him. In the end, the poor guy had to ask me for a private lap dance even though usually it is the dancer who asks.  A third of the way into my first night, my confidence started to increase.”

Lady Vee continued to have an impressive career in the adult entertainment industry that saw her travel across the country, winning accolades in numerous competitions, becoming a glamour model with a People Magazine centrefold and ultimately managing a very successful stripper and promotions agency.

Working in the adult entertainment industry has given Lady Vee many key learning’s one of those is a deep understanding of what most men want from their partners. In most cases, men are looking for their partners to embrace their sensuality and body confidence.

The inspiration behind Lady Vee came from an client who approached her to mentor his wife who was having major body  confidence issues which was ultimately affecting their marriage.

He wanted his wife to understand how beautiful he always told her she was but she never believed him.

“The first step was making contact with his wife to have a discrete intimate conversation to learn all about her and her sensual life journey to this point.”, says Lady Vee.  “After this conversation, I suggested what we could do during the time we would have together.  Part of the beauty of the session was that it was held at a neutral location within the Brisbane CBD ensuring it would make the session more at ease and comfortable for everyone.”

The end result was that this client’s wife had overcome her shyness and be completely comfortable in her skin which had a ripple effect on their own intimate relationship and her overall happiness.

“The wife contacted me within a few days after the session to reveal how she was, for the first time in her life, excitedly checking out lingerie online for herself and enjoying her new found body confidence and sensuality.”

Lady Vee works with women whom have lost confidence in their bodies and selves due to childbirth, weight issues and negative beliefs that have stemmed from childhood

Leading a movement of positive change around the world, Lady Vee (Vanessa) guides introverted women to reclaim their sexiness, reconnect with their bodies, and increase their feminine confidence. She teaches her students how to dissolve self-criticism and improve their romantic relationships — so they get the life they want and deserve.

Lady Vee has designed specific body confidence workshops, classes and private discrete 1-on-couple sessions with everything ranging from: dance fitness, sensual movements, strip-tease routines, learning to lap dance, strip club field trips and naughty nights for couples.



For more information or to arrange an interview please contact:

Vanessa (aka “Lady Vee”)

StripperLike Body Confidence Coach

(P): 0420355887



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