It’s started !

It started before I purchased my distributorship however now that the money has left my credit card (BAM! OUCH!)… the journey starts.

I’ve decided to brand myself as an Xocai addict. A bit of “jab” at myself (the whole “laughing at myself” thing). Now, if you’re like me you’re unsure how to say Xocai – it’s “SHOW SIGH”.

As it was put to me:  the chocolate is the “show” and when you eat it you “sigh”.  I certainly did in relief it tastes so awesome!!

Having the products in USD prices is actually really great.  Being paid in USD prices not so much.

That’s not a problem because I’m pretty much going to use any payments I receive from this business initially to invest back into the business (whilst my first business – Gold Coast Pet Sitting – still provides most of my income).

My plan is to see if I can possibly convert one of my sub-contractors as a business builder.  Whilst people dislike the “recruiting” aspect of Network Marketing it’s no different to my current pet sitting business.  I’m serious.  My sub-contractors I “recruited” to work under my Gold Coast Pet Sitting banner, didn’t I ?  This will be no different.

Except in this scenario, the person will be given a real way to help set themselves financially free….

Just like my current business, I’m leveraging off other people.

I have not opt-ed for the Autoship program as yet because I’ve only tasted two different chocolates currently.  I’m a very tactile person: I learn hands on as well as visually (watching) and orally (listening).  I’m awaiting my order to arrive to taste a whole heap more of the product range before I make my decision which one or two products I’ll put on autoship.

I’m hoping purchases by other people (customers – retail and wholesale) will help me afford the autoship cost.

Since it is chocolate.

That is healthy.

That is vegan (all my animal loving friends will love this).

That can help some people loose weight (if that is your desire) or improve your health.

Oh.. and did I mention it actually yes tastes awesome ?

Easy sell.

If you could have a piece of chocolate instead of a multi vitamin: which would you choose ?

I choose the chocolate.


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