Brene Brown

Brene Brown
Brene Brown (Photo credit: .imelda)

I was scoping out the website belonging to Holly who facilitates Sacred Dance classes in Brisbane (curiosity nothing more).


Stopped by her video page.


Saw she has my fave TEDx talk by Sheila Kelley on it.


She also featured another TED talk video with Brene Brown.


Here are some of my “take away” notes:


  • People with a strong sense of love and belonging know they are worthy of it

  • Connection gives us meaning in our lives

  • Shame and Fear – Shame being a fear of disconnection…  “I am not worthy”

  • In order for connection to happen we have to allow ourselves to be seen (vulnerability)

  • Vulnerability is beautiful

  • Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy creating belonging and love (as well as pain)


How did the talk make me feel ?  What was my thoughts ?

At the time of my writing, I’m in a very vulnerable state right now.  I’m in a very shameful state.

I want to finally crack through whatever I have to crack through to know without a doubt that I am worthy of love and belonging.  I wish I knew what to do to get to there…

Okay… the answer just got presented to me.  I have ABC Jazz FM playing on the tv here where I am house sitting.

A certain song with certain powerful lyrics that I needed to hear right now started playing.



So… there is my answer.  “Just smile”

Or more case to the point … take some of my own advice…  start living in gratitude.  Focus on the fact that I am worthy … that I am loved… OPEN MY EYES and thus my heart to it…  and it might improve my financial situation ?   Ah well, regardless I shall stop focusing on the pain I’m feeling right now…. and “smile even tho’ my heart is breaking” 🙂

** UPDATE **  Trust the universe. Seriously people. It does know what it is doing even when we do not see it…



How do you define vulnerability ?

What makes you feel vulnerable ?


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