staycation (noun): a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.
Here’s my tip:
Clear out your day to have as little requirements of yourself as possible using the three D’s – Delegate (for someone else to do for you), delay (until tomorrow or another day) or delete. Then start your day with an activity that will allow you to get out of your head and into your body so as you can listen and act upon your intuition the whole day. I’ve done this personally a few times and ended up having some divine bewitchful days.

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My Tantric Reiki Meditation

My Tantric Reiki meditation is something I self-created listening to my intuition. Whether it is right or wrong is of no concern to me as all traditions and practices started somewhere by someone doing the exact same thing (listening and acting upon their intuitive knowledge mixed with what they had already been taught).

My Tantric Reiki meditation is a mixture of “Gassho and Joshin Kokyu Ho” Reiki meditations along with the principles of breathwork, sound, touch and movement from tantra harnessing life force/sexual energy to clear my meridians, focus my mind, ground/centre and re-charge me for the day.

You can find more info about the Gassho and Joshin Kokyu Ho mediations at ( here )

Set aside at least a minimum of 5 minutes (longer best).

1. Sit comfortable. Your spine should be straight, but don’t be afraid to sit under a wall to help you keep your posture.

2. Close your eyes and relax. Breathe in through your nose, and while you do so, you should touch your palate with your tongue, just behind your teeth.

3. Place your hands in the Gassho mudra – hands in prayer position at the heart.

4. Begin to breathe – breath in through your nose (filling your belly not your chest) with your tongue touching your palate just behind your upper teeth. Breath out through your mouth slightly opened with your tongue relaxed. Make sure that your breath is slow, peaceful, and yet very natural and comfortable.

I stay doing this for as long as I need listening to my intuition as to when to move on to Joshin Kokyu Ho

5. Rest your hands, palms up, on your legs / in your lap & focus your awareness on an area deep inside your body mid way between your navel and the top of your pubic bone – this is known as the seika tanden.

6. In your mind’s-eye see and feel the Reiki energy flowing down from above, as a stream of crystal clear light. And as you breathe in – naturally, effortlessly – the light floods into your crown, and flows down throughout your body into your seika tanden.

7. On the out breath, expand the energy out through your body in all directions, out through the skin, expanding the energy out into your surroundings.

I stay doing this for as long as I need listening to my intuition as to when to move on to the tantric part of my mediation.

8. Stand up straight positioning feet should-width apart. Bend slightly at your knees and relax. Gently tighten up your abdominal muscles and buttocks then start moving your hips left to right, front to back then circle.

9. Whilst moving your hips, take deep breaths filling your belly and on the exhale make a sigh or a sound.

It’s like “fake it till you make it” as these sounds will tell your subconscious mind “oh i’m having pleasure” and will bring about more pleasure.


10. Before I finish I will start caressing my body in whatever way I’m intuitively guided to do.

To complete the meditation I just stop and return the Gassho mudra position.

This whole meditation is intuitively guided – sometimes I may skip (as it’s not needed everyday the Joshin Kokyu Ho portion). Sometimes I will go straight into “a temper tantrum” (if I feel any sadness, anger, anxiety or other energy that needs to be released) before I complete.

(Inter)National Holistic Pet Care Day – August 30th

QuotesYesterday I spent some time going through a lot of pet “days” and themed “months” to put in my calendar so I would be reminded of them for social media marketing purposes.

Found out today (August 30) is a relatively unknown “day” (which I’ll run as a week-long campaign next year since I’m now more aware of this ‘holiday’ existing) – National Holistic Pet Care Day.

Initially, this started in the USA like the majority of the pet “days” .. I personally am endeavouring to my part to take this day international .. especially to here in Australia.

It’s sorely needed in Australia (imo).  I’m a big advocate of holistic veterinary medicine – the type that mixes traditional with complimentary/alternative.  The type that takes into account the pet as a whole being just like humans because they are: they’re emotional (like us), their diet (now that we’re researching this a lot more these-days) does affect their health (like us) and their lifestyle (exercise, training, etc) of course affects their state of well-being too.

None-the-less, in my research for content to share on Facebook I came across the following (source) and wanted to share it with you:

Support Holistic Pet Care !

893855_656600751038594_666208605_o Dr Stephen Blake: “I emphatically do not believe that I was taught adequately with regard to the vaccine issue. I was taught to believe vaccinations were synonymous with immunization. They are two separate entities.

“I was taught vaccines were safe and it was implied there had been safety studies done on them before they were used on the general public. They are not safe and there have not been any safety studies done on any of them.

“I was taught that if something adverse happens within a few hours after immunization it was related to the vaccines but, if it happened later than that period of time, it had nothing to do with the vaccines. The truth of the matter is vaccines can set up a latent condition that may show up within a few hours or years after immunization.

“I was taught you needed to vaccinate every year to boost animals’ immune systems. There are no studies to show that annual boosters are ever indicated or that there is any science to support annual vaccines to boost an animal’s immune system. I was never taught that mercury and aluminium hydroxide, which are in the vaccines, can cause cancer, are neurotoxins, and can trigger autoimmune disease.

“When I first went into practice, I noticed some animals developed fevers for a few days, became lethargic, lost their appetites, developed ear infections, seizures, pruritus, UTI, musculoskeletal issues, and behaviour issues after vaccination.

“As time went on, I observed that otitis, UTI, autoimmune disease complexes, gingivitis, allergic dermatitis, IBD, asthma, aggression and phobias, convulsions, paralysis, cancer, chronic conjunctivitis, liver disease, kidney disease, cardiac disease, arthritis, anterior cruciate rupture, hip disease, and corneal lesions can be correlated with vaccine damage.

“Pet guardians are being misinformed. There is no scientific evidence that annual vaccines are needed or indicated.

“I feel there is pressure at all levels of veterinary medicine that we are not to say anything negative about vaccines which would alarm the public and make it harder to sell the vaccine concept. There is no informed consent information presented to the pet owner prior to vaccination because they do not want to alarm the owner and make it difficult to promote vaccines. It has been known for over 20 years that rabies vaccines can cause terminal cancer in the feline and I have yet to meet a client who was informed of this scientific fact by their attending veterinarian. This should be made public to all cat owners prior to rabies vaccine so the owner is aware of the low risk of getting rabies compared to the high risk of getting cancer from the rabies vaccine.

“I love the practice of veterinary medicine with an oath to prevent suffering and do no harm. I do not support my profession’s over-use of drugs, chemicals and vaccines as we know them today. I feel my profession needs to be the leader in breaking away from the dangers of these products and show the human medical profession this is not healing. It does cause harm.

“I feel the pharmaceutical industry finances the veterinary schools and the veterinary profession. I feel they are the fox in the hen house that sets policy for the practice of medicine as we know it today in our country.

“The pharmaceutical industry has too much influence in veterinary teaching. Their approach to medicine prevents any other modalities of healing from being available in our veterinary schools. This is done so they have no competition for the pet industry dollars from unpatentable means.

“Conventional veterinary medicine, with its reliance upon vaccines, steroids, NSAIDs and antibiotics is doing more harm than good.

“The main causes of ill health in animals are vaccines as we know them today; drugs that are needed in an emergency situation; use of chemicals to treat fleas, ticks, lice, and heartworm; herbicides, pesticides, radiation, artificial dyes, flavouring, poor quality pet foods, contaminated water, and cleaning chemicals in homes.

“I have a dream. My dream is that alternative veterinary medicine will no longer be 11th hour medicine and that it will be the first choice of medical care for our friends the animals before I leave this world.”



13 Questions for Friendly and pragmatic vegans and vegetarians

Okay this got asked by someone within Friendly and pragmatic vegans and vegetarians (one of my fave FB groups)… it’s quite lengthy however here are my answers as they stand “today” …

1) How long have you been veg*an?
I’m not. I’m closer to vegetarian than vegan. I prefer the label vegan-inspired flexitarian. I’ve always had animal welfare ‘on my mind’ since I was quite young. Started with my pets of course.

2) Do you feel closer to vegans than vegetarians?
Nope. Feel closer to vegetarians than vegans. Still feel like an outsider with vegans.

3) Do you automatically like vegans? (Explain)
No. I judge them on how they treat other people (their actions) as compassion for the animals needs to extend to compassion for humans. If they’re rabid vegans then they’re no better than religious fundamentalists (imo) whom I’m against. Hate/violence is not the answer.

4) Do you believe that non veg*ns are unenlightened? (Explain)
No. I just believe they’re just not aware. Has nothing to do with being unenlightened. This is not a black and white answer as anyone who deals with psychology will tell you… the “mind” is both a simple and complex organism.

Recently watched a TEDx talk by Melanie Joy “Carnism” – would recommend this for more insight on my stance.

5) Do you believe it is possible to be a mindful non-vegan? (Explain)
Yes. I’d say I’m closer to this .. and to me being a mindful non-vegan is about harm reduction. Opting for vegan options and endeavouring to eat vegan as much as possible.

6) Do you believe that freeganism is ethical? (Explain)
Had to google 😉 based on the definition I found – yes I believe in freeganism. Wish I had the confidence to dumpster dive. It’s absolutely shocking how much GOOD FOOD AND ITEMS are considered waste (by supermarkets AND charities!!).

Basically google: The Story of Stuff video. That video made me more mindful and I’d rather ask someone if they have an item they’re willing to donate to me. I’m more mindful of what I actually purchase (mindful consumerism instead of mindless).

For example, not too long ago I “needed” a new kettle. Lots of people told me to go to Kmart to spend like $10 or whatever to buy a new one. I refused to do so and instead asked around in various FB community groups and got one from someone else that was “like brand new” (as it had just been sitting around gathering dust).

I did the same a year ago when I needed heaters – got two small ones for ‘free’ (just had to pick up so cost me fuel).

I also specifically shop at my local “green grocer” and always opt for the discounted food section where there’s fruit and veg that is reduced.. i.e. bananas a little brown, tomatoes going a little off, etc. I would dumpster dive if I had the confidence because it shits me how much good food goes to waste and expiration labels are all BS.

7) Are you a welfareist or abolitionist? (Explain)
Not sure what the differences are and why this matters. Please give me some links so as I can figure out where I stand and what the arguments are for and against each ?

8) Do you enjoy having the vegan label / title? (Explain)
Considering I already stated I’m not vegan this doesn’t apply to me. N/A

9) Do you want the world to be vegan (100% plant based, zero animal involvement) or do you support a future where people can eat animal products without inflicting harm (lab grown meat, freeganism, road kill, backyard eggs, etc)?

Considering I am someone who will always have companion animals (and am not against companion animals) – mostly dogs and cats – who require meat and other such non-vegan foods: I guess I support a world where the harm is reduced as much as possible. I would prefer a world where if an animal is killed NONE of it goes to waste and the spirit of the animal is respected (akin to what indigenous native cultures have done for eons). I also prefer a world where we are using ONLY WHAT WE NEED no more. We can share resources. I also prefer a world where we actually know where our meat comes from – we know the cow/chicken/etc – we know when it was born, its history, etc. Then when it is killed, we use every part of it as much as possible and minimise wastage as this is respectful.

10) Do you believe in having pets / companion animals? Do you believe that breeding animals is ever acceptable?

Already answered the first half. In regards to the second half, I believe in ethical breeding. Strongly against puppy farms and backyard breeders. I would love it if people were breeding to better breeds for health NOT just ‘looks’. “Designer” dog breeds are bullshit (they’re mutts – it’s just clever marketing!). Unfortunately, the majority of breeders breed for looks and don’t give a fuck about the health of the breed. I also support adoption first where/when possible.

I’m also moving into a space where I’ll be pushing people to consider fospice and adoption of senior pets (moving away from just puppies and kittens!).

11) Do you believe that zoos are necessary for saving endangered species?

If they’re similar to Australia Zoo – yes. Not all Zoos are evil.

12) Do you believe that horse riding is harmful or are you okay with veg*ans riding horses?

WTF ?! (lol!!) This is just yet another thing where if you look after the animal I don’t see the harm??? Lots of ways to take care of your horse now – plenty of holistic/alternative/complimentary therapies for equines to ensure their health just like dogs and cats. At the same time, I also have absolutely no issue with people keeping horses purely as pets and never riding them ever (whereas there are lots of people who don’t “get it” when people have horses as pets and never ride them).

I believe in animal communication and that there are people who can interpret what our animals are saying to us. They’re beings of energy just like us.

We just need to respect if the individual horse actually wants to be ridden. Seek their permission first. They’ll say yes or no.

13) What are your thoughts on eating backyard eggs, wearing second hand leather, etc?

Still making my mind up on all of this.. on the one hand, I detest waste. If it is ‘there’ and ‘going to go to waste’ – why not use it ? On the other hand, sometimes allowing these items to “die” (as such – be recycled back into the earth as such) is more respectful instead of perpetuating the cycle of harm.

The Benefits of Iaso Nutraburst | Total Life Changes

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IASO STRIKE UP FOR MEN | Energy and Love

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Strike Up works naturally in your body allowing you to get results in minutes. It is a long lasting alternative to prescription which can lead to potentially serious side effects drugs. Strike Up only works with sexual stimulation and will not cause excitement when you want. Strike Up is a proprietary blend.

  • Effect last up to 72 hours
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Fructus Licu Flos Caryophylli Radix Rehmaniae Cortez Cinnamomi Sesami Nigurum Semen Semen Alli Tuberosi Fructos Foeniculi Herba Epimedii Radix Puerariae Lobatae Rhizoma Dioscoreae Rhizoma Polygonali Rhizoma Curculigimis

Also contains:
 Gelatin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearato and Stearic Acid


#MoneyTea Challenge

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The tea is organic with (safe, natural, edible) herbs to assist with cleansing our bodies to help you loose up to 3-4kgs in 5 days or at least improve your wellbeing.

With the option to also make money (purely optional).

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