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Project title:
Everything Pets !

Project type:
Independant / LIVE Video

Project length:
First live broadcast: 5 minutes

Second live broadcast: 20 minutes

Shooting Starts:
Saturday 7.10am QLD TIME

Shooting Ends:
Saturday 8am QLD TIME

Filming/Shooting location:     “like” Gold Coast Pets on Facebook or  “follow” Gold Coast Pets Twitter for the latest updates !!

Name of the producer: Vanessa ( mail AT )

Pay rate/Compensation: NONE / NO

Call back dates: NONE ( Shooting is done LIVE!)

Synopsis of the show:

If there is one Periscope live show you watch about Pets… watch this one !!

EVERYTHING PETS is hosted by Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneur – @PetLoveBiz aka Ms Vanessa *smile* It’s a weekly fun and informative show about “Everything Pets!” … pets.. their people.. products… places… and more !

The show is live streamed via Twitter’s Periscope app every Friday 2.30pm PST / Saturday 7.30am QLD for 20 minutes – interact live within the app – or just sit back to watch LIVE at

Would YOU like to get YOU .. Your Pet .. Your Product or Your Service FEATURED to a WORLD WIDE (and local!) Audience ?  PLEASE GET IN TOUCH with Ms Vanessa:  mail AT


Lady Vee’s TEDxSouthBankWomen 2013 Application | #TEDxSBW

I loved the questions on the application … and especially loved the character limit ! 🙂  Forced me to be really succinct and to the point (instead of waffling on like I can within my blog posts hahahaha) … so I figured why waste the questions and answers ?  Let’s post them here for posterity !

Without further delay…. here are the TEDxSouthBankeWomen 2013 Application questions (click here if you want to apply as a speaker!)


Share one moment that positively disrupted your view of the world 

(500 characters or less)
Earlier in 2013 I was attending an intimate business mastermind event.  I had a major breakdown – in a good way !   For years I had been carrying the shame/guilt of my former profession (as a stripper) on my shoulders that was my father’s guilt and shame.  Following that break-down, I came out about it to a new business contact who told me he respected me for being honest.  From there, I came out on social media and the ‘rest is history’ 🙂  It’s been the best thing I’ve done in a long time !


If you had unlimited resources what would you do tomorrow?

(500 characters of less)
Wake up, increase my Facebook advertising for SensualFit, put together a huge awesome launch party for SensualFit, start making progress launching my legacy dream before the year ended (my charity/non-profit I want to set up to provide community resources and support for senior pets: hospice, bill help, cheap vet, affordable pet sitting, etc. etc.) and make Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets FB page into a social enterprise. 


What is the best piece of advice you have received 

(250 characters or less)
Love your dysfunctions/things that cause you to lose friends … or throw you into life lessons. They help us to find humor, wisdom, liberation & our inner child which … allows us to find a deeper love of self and rise above the judgements of others.


What do you want to do to change the world 

(250 characters or less)
Guide women to discover, expand and integrate their sensuality in every moment of their life as well as provide assistance to people with senior or special needs pets to give these pets the chance to live out their lives with dignity & love.
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Fundraising with SOC

One of the brilliant aspects of Send Out Cards that I love compared to any other network marketing company is the capacity for Non Profits, Charities, Rescues, Shelters and anything else in that area to benefit 🙂

Why is SOC so well suited to Non Profits/Charities ?

Click here for 20 Benefits of using Send Out Cards for Fundraising

Click here to Request Access to View the Video!


This is what “sold” me on Send Out Cards as, like any person, I have “my” charities that I support.  Naturally, they’re animal-orientated and they’re local due to my work as a Professional Pet Carer.  One of these charities, Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue, I’ve known the Founder (Alex) for awhile now.

Have a meeting with her this Saturday.

This will be my first ever presentation of a Guest Account Walkthrough with a Fundraising “bent”.  Usually my GAWs have a Business “bent” to them or Personal.  Granted, there isn’t too much different between Fundraising and Business.

As with anything SOC, I always go in with the mindset that it sells itself.  If the person can’t see the benefits / potential of SOC after I present the GAW (Free Guest Account Walkthrough) then so be it. NEXT !

Yes, I will be sad that the person whomever it is couldn’t see the benefits like I can however that’s okay.  SendOutCards is relatively unknown “out there”.  There are plenty more fish in the sea 🙂



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