Lessons From Spending Time With @SoniaCarroll (Top Periscope Broadcaster)

If you have not already cottoned on by now, I adore Periscope.

If you want to learn more about Periscope please get in touch with me for a free copy of The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Periscope 🙂 

After I had done my daily Business PeriShow (The Truth About Being A Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneur) …  I checked out if anyone else I was following was live …  another local … @SoniaCarroll !   (click here to learn more about Sonia)

I popped into her Periscope broadcast (aka PeriShow) to say hi. I also informed her of the Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo happening today (and tomorrow).  That was it – it was a PeriDate !

Lesson:   Be open to opportunities to connect with people ! 

Eventually we connected at The Expo.

Lesson:  Be bold.  Say HI.  We are all human in the end. 

I could’ve easily shy-ed away and never tried to connect with her as she is one of the Superstars of Periscope (at least for Australia!)….  yet I didn’t as I genuinely wanted to meet her as I admire her for being authentically herself.

Whilst we were chatting we happened upon another person who we both had an inkling looked like he was a doing a live PeriShow …  we were right !  We had just met Ron Pia (click here to view his PeriShows).. another local Periscope broadcaster !

Lesson:  Be spontaneous.  

Lesson:  What you think of you is more important than what others think !

This is when the above lessons comes into play:

Due to this random happenstance, we were featured on Ron’s PeriShow!  I highly doubt he was expecting THAT .. and from there Sonia started her live PeriShow at the same time!  (My phone had died so I couldn’t join in.)  We possibly looked a little ridiculous to a lot of other people around us … NONE OF US CARED !

We were having fun.

You want to know what I feel are Sonia’s secrets for having such a popular PeriShow ?

Sonia is authentic:  the lady I met today (when she wasn’t broadcasting) is the exact same person who you view when she is broadcasting.

Sonia has fun:  Whether it is a more random PeriShow or something that she has set up a bit for her viewers  … it is plainly obvious she is having fun each and every time.

Sonia is vulnerable:  This is in relation to the fact that she does a lot of PeriShows. You do not have to do as many and as frequent as she does ! Nope. If that isn’t your style – find what works for you and do it. People love you for you.  Where she is vulnerable is the fact that she does share her life with us all – often.

You don’t need to be perfect for Periscope !

 Just be YOU!

Who have you met with thanks to Periscope ?




How To Say What You Do In One Compelling Sentence #SOC

Last night I attended a Speed Networking event (click here for the ‘Scope

English: icon for smartphone (smart phone) rel...
English: icon for smartphone (smart phone) related content (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

).  Wow, so what ?  The point is that due to the sheer number of people who showed up we all received 3 minutes in total to talk to each other.

Not 3 minutes each. 3 minutes total.  The second round went faster. Only 2 minutes each.

Thus it is times like these you need to really be specific and simple with your pitch.

Personally, that night I had decided to do a quick survey because I am considering doing a Periscope and/or BLAB.IM implementation workshop locally.

It worked.  I have a follow up to do with someone to do a “duel-scope” where we both go on Periscope and ‘scope each other 🙂   Periscope’s version of BLAB.IM

I want to also share something someone from SendOutCards mentioned:

So the Golden Question is “If I could show you a way to make money with your smartphone, sharing an app that people love to use, would you want to see it?”.

So before going to the networking event last night I thought, “Hmmm, I’ll turn the Golden Question into an answer”, so when someone inevitably asks: “So Tony, what do you do?

I show people how to share an app on their smartphone that people love to use, and how to get paid when others use it. What kind of phone do you have?

Said that to 4 people and each one reached in and pulled out their phone.
3 iPhones, 1 Samsung.

I said “great, that phone is perfect, when can we get together and I’l show you how it works,”

3 appointments set with 1 to follow-up on next week. YAY!!!

PS: I have been going to networking events and answering the “what do you do” question for my other business for years and until last night not one person, that I can remember, was ever that eager to know more about it.
Happy days.


It’s easier than you think. Stop overcomplicating things.

What is your 30 second elevator pitch to pique someone’s curiosity about your business ?

HOW TO Join our #MeetNGreet Monday ONLINE EVENTS (using ZOOM.US)

I have chosen to use ZOOM meetings to host #MeetNGreet Monday ONLINE EVENT Speed Networking Sessions at 9am and 9pm every Monday (Brisbane time).

Please note you have to install ZOOM on your laptop or phone (as an app) or tablet/iPad (as an app) before you can join the meeting. 

You can be joined in one of two ways…


Click the hyperlink:    https://zoom.us/j/898129913  or https://zoom.us/j/204510236

On the page that displays, click the JOIN MEETING button to install the Zoom app and/or connect.


Alternatively, go to http://zoom.us/join and enter the Meeting ID: 898 129 913  or   204 510 236




MOBILE APP SETUP for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android

Download Zoom app for iOS ( http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zoom.us-cloud-video-meetings/id546505307 ) or Android ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings )

Click Sign In


You will be presented with the welcome screen, from which you can join the #MeetNGreet Monday Online Event !



Alternatively, if you have limited data and need to phone in (using Skype or your phone):

IN THE USA:  +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)

OUTSIDE USEA phone numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference

USE Meeting ID: 898 129 913 or 204 510 236

Please use the ZOOM FAQ FIRST   


BEFORE contacting Ms Vanessa via PM

if the above instructions do not assist you.

Mark Bowness Six Figure FB group (self study)

Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneurs (Business Networking, Strategy, Collaboration) – THE facebook group for passionate pet people in business !

Previous blog posts: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 |


In my previous blog post I discussed more my experiences.  This one I’m returning back to my journey with each Catalyst.

Module 2.

Catalyst One: Your Foundational Launch Members


I didn’t need to really do this as I already had “foundational members” hence the reason I had my graphic done.

I did it anyway.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really get much of a result from my Facebook profile post.   I also posted this on all my Facebook pages (Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets, Gold Coast Pets,  Network of Professional Pet Carers*).  I actually had a much better result boosting the post I made based upon what Mark taught on my Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets page.

My aim is to have 300 members so as people start contributing more by their own volition as well as encouraging the community (the members of the group) to help each other as right now my co-admin and/or myself are the main contributors (with me of course being the main one).

Catalyst Two: Reaching 7,300 Members

To do this I need my laptop as this cannot be done via my phone or iPad unfortunately.

I firstly had to change from ENGLISH UK to ENGLISH US as unfortunately the GRAPH SEARCH feature is only available to US (still!!!).

I put “people who love pets who are not my friends” into graph search.  I then sent the message I crafted to all the people who had self-employed (usually or similar) on their profile AND that had mutual friends (at least 1! that’s all you need… hahahaha).

I also avoided people from certain countries as unfortunately people with ESL (english as a second language) are not my target market.  My target market is mostly Australia however I do know that I will need the support from people in the UK and USA.   Other countries can always join in, I won’t say no!  Yet they must be able to understand and comprehend what is going on and happening in the group.

Now, I have NOT done this everyday.  Mark says to do this everyday.  I personally did it once a week or at least 5 days apart …. and honestly…  doing that has helped me.  Due to how Graph Search puts up the same people however not in the exact same order as last time I used it…. a few people received the exact same message I sent them 5 days ago.  Thankfully I only had 2 people complain.  That’s actually quite good considering how many messages I had sent out !   I also had two other people reply back to say thank you for the reminder hahahaha and they subsequently joined the group.  So whilst some may be annoyed at the exact same second message… others saw it as a friendly reminder… and joined !

I’ve now “done the dash” on that Graph Search term (IOW, no more people to message).  Next time I do it I will have to think of another one.

I also didn’t use the text that Mark used or advocates.  Why ?  I did a quick survey and most people prefer short messages.   Mark’s message was LONG!  I know I’ve received a version of it from other people here and there …. and it’s annoyed me because it is so damn long.  We have to be VERY aware a lot of people access Facebook Messages via their phone and thus LONG messages are tedious and annoying when reading them on your phone.

So I came up with mine which has had a good response rate (as in people who join versus people who get pissed at my message).

For the curious here is the message I use for this Catalyst:


I promise I will keep this short.

I’m messaging you as we seem to have mutual friends & you’re a business person who loves pets !

I would love to invite you to join me (and many other pet lovin’ business people) to be part of a powerful facebook group which provides free resources, shares wisdom and gives you all the insight we collectively (as a group) have on business and pet care:

Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneurs
THE Facebook Group for Business People Who Love Pets!

Thank you for your time <3 and I hope to talk soon !

xox Vanessa

Catalyst Three: Early Days Engagement

Awesome. Done. Doing. Easy !

I find sometimes tagging people as a separate comment below the original post can assist people to interact too.

I’m currently testing out times of day as well as whether or not to attach an image or not will assist people to interact.

This one is a “work in progress”.



Mark Bowness Six Figure FB group (self study)

Pet Lovin’  Entrepreneurs (Business Networking, Strategy, Collaboration) – THE facebook group for passionate pet people in business !

Previous blog posts:   Page 1  |  Page 2 |

A lot has been happening since my last update.


I have yet to delve into Module 3 as I’ve been busy with the group itself that I have put my self-study on pause !

Doing this self-study course is also have the side effect that I’ve become less tolerant and more rage-y about people adding me to THEIR facebook group without asking.  So many people do it. People whom I thought would know better too.  I don’t tolerate it because there are far better ways to grow your group or even establish it.   Not to mention, a lot of people start a group up with the best intentions however here’s the thing:

Eventually that group will grow. Eventually it go over the “tipping point” so as the activity is very active.  Eventually it will become a ‘full time job’ in a weird way to just look after the group EVEN WITH co-admins.  Thus .. and this is my opinion only .. honestly please do not start any Facebook group unless your intention is to eventually make money from it.  Honestly.

Otherwise it will just become yet another spam filled group like hundred of others with no value and making you look incompetent.   If you’re too busy to make your group have any sort of value beyond just being full of spam, advertise it for sale (yes you can SELL a facebook group) or for a new person to take over as admin.

Facebook groups (just like Facebook itself) can be a great way to create community. To create the change you want to see in the world.  There are REAL people behind those profiles.  People who have feelings/emotions.  Do not underestimate the power you have as the admin (or even creator).

For this reason, I have become extremely intolerant of being added to other peoples’ Facebook groups without my consent.

Everything I do to grow my Facebook group is based upon this self study course and the reason I adore it is because it always leaves the power to join WITH THE PERSON.  All I need to do is accept their request to join and provide a group that will be of high value to them.

Enough of that…  let’s talk about my experiences on this journey.

Loosing members who originally joined but then unjoined.  

Yes, there have been people who originally joined with thanks to either my advertising or “inbox messages” (where it is done as an invite allowing the person to join or not)… and then unjoined.   I have to admit I felt a little sad that this happened … for a second.  Yeh, I got over it really quick because one of the reasons I re-vamped the group and am devoting myself to it is to create my own tribe.   A space where I am liked as honestly if you don’t like me then it’s going to really impact your experience of the group.


Yup, thanks to me re-discovering “boost post” and how effective my first $6 was … I offered a $20 “done for you” advertising deal to a few people (via my Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets FB page). Someone took me up on it !  This means I was able to have money (yay for other peoples’ money) to use to re-invest in my own advertising whilst doing theirs as well.  For transparency, the $20 buys $6 Facebook advertising credit (which is all you need for 6 days as I know how to get the most out of that $6) then the rest is “profit” as such.  It is also re-imbursement of my time for creating the Facebook advert.

Thus so far I have spent:
– $6 to boost a post on my Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets page advertising the group with good effect

– $6 to boost a post on my Network of Professional Pet Carers* page.   This one is currently happening at the time of this post thus I cannot report back on its effectiveness.

The difference is that my GC Lost and Found Pets page has over 12,000 likes versus over 300 on “the network” page.   I’m wondering if the page that I use (as I am boosting an existing post instead of creating it inside Facebook ads) has an impact on the advert.  I’ve also worded it differently.  Anyway, stay tuned.


Buffer is great however I’m using the free version thus can only connect it to two social media (Gold Coast Pets FB page and my LinkedIN profile).  Hence I needed a way to pre-schedule posts to my GROUP …  this is where PostCron comes into play.   I first noticed this app when I was part of another group as the posts had the ‘tag’ that it was posted via PostCron.   Someone like me who is a little savvy with her social media notices these things.    On top of that, in a different group the admin there also espoused the wonder of PostCron.  So my main reason to use it is for my group.

You can only pre-schedule up to 10 posts before you have to pay.  That’s okay by me and work-able until I can afford to pay for it.

Finding my first co-admin ! 

Yup, things are really starting to gear up in my opinion that it is best for me to have a co-admin NOW than later when I feel overwhelmed.

It’s interesting because the choice for who was an easy one 😉 as the lady has been supportive since I started revamping the group !!


This isn’t what you think it is… it’s about a member joining your group and then finding out they’ve blocked you.

Now here’s the quirky thing about all this… you’ll still see the posts made by that member in the group however you can only delete the post… you need a second admin to be able to remove them as a member.

This was a first.  I looked it up in Facebook Help to see how others have dealt with this issue or even if others DID have this issue.

Unfortunately, others have had this issue ( here ) and ( here ).   Hence the reason for me finding a co-admin quick smart.

It was a real shame as I loved the post the member who blocked me had done. I wanted to like it.  Nope. No liking it for me.

Going into a group and then blocking the admin smacks of rudeness to me personally.  Also, if you’re going to block the one person who OBVIOUSLY is trying to create a high value group.. that’s an issue..  I need to be able to communicate with ALL members… I want to be supportive of ALL the members… if you don’t want me to do that then my group is not the group for you.  If you blocked me because you don’t like me, this group is not the group for you.

It isn’t like there aren’t hundreds of other groups to join !  And I personally have left (or been booted out of) various groups. It hurts a little especially when you ‘like’ the group however in the end … this person chose to BLOCK me… the admin… the person investing money in this group…  thus nope. Not having you as a member. Good bye.

Mark Bowness Six Figure FB group (self study)

Anyone who knows me knows I adore Facebook.  I recently learnt that I have been on Facebook since 2008 at the very least.  Prior to that I was on MySpace and prior to that I was on Geocities.  Geocities was (in my experience) the earliest form of social networking with all the different “neighbourhoods”.  (If you’re at all curious, I’ve been online since late 1993 basically….)

I don’t just adore Facebook. I adore social media and the power for social good it does have within peoples’ lives including my own.

Thanks to social media I’ve connected with hundreds of people.

Thanks to social media my humble little Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets page is a resource not just a page. It’s respected.

Thanks to social media I’ve learnt a lot about business, marketing, sales and personal development.

What’s this got to do with this self study program ?

I bought it at a time when (honestly) I could have spent the $97 it cost (at the time) on a lot of other areas of my life.

None-the-less, the opportunity to purchase (be one of the few early adopters) was something I didn’t want to pass up because I do believe in the power of social media … and I spend a lot of time on Facebook these days.   I figured why not finally turn my addiction into profit ?

I also have four different Facebook groups I’m the main admin which need to be renovated.

Yet for this self study program I’m going to concentrate on the ONE facebook group and then apply what I learn to the others.

That’s my plan.

Mark has in big blue writing:

Facebook Business Pages are DEAD. Unlock the secrets to launching YOUR six figure Facebook Group IMMEDIATELY.

Whilst I don’t agree with that Facebook Pages are dead… I do “get” where he is coming from as I’ve been involved in social media management of my own pages and groups (and of course through being a ‘liker’ of other pages and a ‘member’ of other groups)….   the organic reach of pages is becoming less and less as Facebook pushes people who have pages (usually business people) to pay to ‘reach’ their likers.   It’s becoming harder and harder to have high engagement on post within Pages.   This is where they are dying.  They’re far from dead as I know (and have) pages that are still quite active.  Just less active than most FB groups.

Groups are where people are gathering online in Facebook-land.

Groups are where there is the most activity consistently.

Yet like anything … there are some really awesome groups… and there are some really awful groups (full of spam!).

The groups I have currently fall in-between … the ones that are neither good or bad because they’re just “there”… nothing really happening.

NOW I have a way to make them “happening”…   I have a way to leverage Facebook that won’t cost me anything except my time.

And let’s be honest… I’m addicted enough that I’m on there anyway… so why not use this productively ?

Another more personal reason is that for years I have struggled with finding my tribe online….  you don’t have to go through this blog too much to see how I’ve been kicked out of various FB (facebook) groups due to them being a mis-match.

There are five modules in total in this self-study course.

I’m currently going through Module 1 which has Six Catalysts.

Catalyst One: The Easy Guide To Setting Up Your Facebook Group

Even though I can “set up” a Facebook page or group with my eyes closed … I still listened.  There is nuggets of gold in each of the videos that you DO want to listen to them even if you think you do not need to do so.

Catalyst Two: The Importance Of Choosing A Name

This is the one I was stumped on for awhile.

Using my case study group which is aimed at business people who own a pet … yes that broad… there is method in being so broad… I put some names “out there” for people to vote upon.   All the people kept voting on the same name… and I put the vote out there a few times at different times and days. Thus:

Pet Lovin’  Entrepreneurs (Business Networking, Strategy, Collaboration)

THE facebook group for passionate pet people in business !

Catalyst Three: Deciding On Daily Themes

Thanks to a moment of inspiration whilst thinking about all this a little while back I made a note in the “notes” of my iPhone of all the possible daily themes. I then put out a group message (which you can do as admin of a group however recommend to only do it rarely) to direct everyone to “vote” on the daily themes.  I also put a expiry time limit on the voting to encourage people to visit the group (hehehe see what I did there?).   In the end, my flash of inspiration was “on the money” (as such)… and everyone agreed to them 🙂

So I changed the relevant file in the group to reflect the new daily themes.

Not yet time to implement them.

Catalyst Four: The Professional Look

This is the one where I became stumped. Naturally I posted something to Mark.

Catalyst Four in re the banner… you say we need to have the name of our brand behind the group… I’m unsure what you mean by “name of our brand” ? Can I use my “Mosaic-al Entrepreneur” branding (which is my over-all branding)? Or should I use my social media management and training brand (as I want to incorporate my love to teach social media in the group)? or even the fact I’m the founder of Network of Professional Pet Carers (so as I can ultimately be the go-to coach for pet carers) ?

You also say to “add authority” … I’m a little stumped on how specifically I personally would do this… ? I’ve had no media exposure, i do not have academic qualifications…. i do have a shit-tonne of experience …. ?

My question had a random side effect of helping me clarify the reason why I created the group:

…ultimately it is about finding the common link and the big Y behind the multiple passions which I did (at the start of this year)… and knowing how to then operate so as they can co-exist (as I have found many people in just the industry of pet-service based businesses usually have multiple passions not just pets/animals).

So I will be using my Mosaic-al Entrepreneur branding however keeping it simple by going with calling myself a “multi passionate” entrepreneur.  It’s the truth.  Goodness, look at this blog !  I’m involved with TLC (network marketing) so health is a passion.  I’m involved with Lady Vee (“StripperLike Confidence”) thus sexuality and sensuality is a passion especially in regards to couples and women specifically.   I’m involved in working with pets … thus pets are my passion.  I have many passions.  I’m also learning finally how to craft them all together to co-exist. That’s the problem with multiple passions…  they can sometimes overwhelm you because you don’t know which way is left.  I know. I’ve been there.  I’m learning how to have them co-exist.

Also, how do I add authority ?  I may only have it via my Lady Vee brand however I do have publicity. I also have my shit-tonne of experience to assist.

This is also the first catalyst where you will have to outlay some money unless you’re lucky enough to know someone who can do a professional banner for your group for free.   I do not so I will go with the recommended person Mark has mentioned.






…… and this is where this blog post will end for now.


It’s amazing how much we can mind-fuck ourselves….

Strip Club Customers Seated at Tip Rail
Strip Club Customers Seated at Tip Rail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s amazing how much we can mind-fuck ourselves. I did it last night.

I turned up for a business social networking night. The last time I had turned up it wasn’t as many people. I was already feeling a little “sensitive” due to having to confront my fear of rejection recently (and realising how much Universe was throwing it in my face this year! woha!!)…

None the less, I turned up. Initially I did as any human does in such a situation when not feeling super-confident and go with the familiar. Yet I wasn’t there just to hang out with people I know and people I will see another night or day. I was there to meet new people.  I was there to find my tribe since this is what Universe is obviously trying to tell me to do (since I won’t be too much for my own tribe and will always be accepted).

When it started to get crowded I made the excuse to go to the toilet which were luckily a short walk away from it all.

Back when I worked as a stripper in strip clubs, you’d think I’d thrive on crowds.  Yes I did if they were spread out over a large expanse as such.  I always felt a little overwhelmed and like I had to run & hide if there was a big crowd in a small club.  My biggest issue with crowds is the same issue I have when someone hands me a menu with 20 million choices on it:  I become overwhelmed so much by choice that I don’t know what to choose !

This is why I left to go to the toilet when I didn’t need to go to the toilet.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the crowd in a small space.  I saw groups of people however didn’t know where to start or how to break into any of them.  Spent a little while in the toilet mind fucking myself. That’s the nice way of saying it. I went into the depths of my anxiety and revealed in it you could say. Let it engulf me to the point that I could release it.

This is just what works for me. It isn’t possibly the best way to deal with it however it is the only way I have known how to do so.

Eventually I came out of my anxiety. I used something called The Heartbeat Rule.

Walked back over. Started at “ground dot” with Angela the organiser … and then just inserted myself into a near-by group 🙂

After that point it was all up-hill and the night was a resounding success for me personally.

I connected with a few people there 🙂  I revealed my Strip Club Field Trip offering to a few people with great feedback.

I also learnt that having a cup of tea at an event where everyone else is drinking something else is a great conversation starter 🙂 hahahaha

So.. what’s the lesson ?    For me personally, it is that no matter how “sensitive” I am feeling after dealing with certain fears recently… no matter how hurt by life you can feel…  allow yourself to feel that fear however DO NOT STAY THERE …   that’s the biggest thing I can congratulate myself on:

I could’ve easily mind fucked myself so much that I left without anyone noticing.

Yet I remembered why I had turned up.  I was there because I genuinely liked the event. I was there to meet more people. I was there for business in whatever capacity:  from pet carer/house sitter to Lady Vee to just being another business owner.