Summerlands written by Sarah Hartwell

SUMMERLANDS written by Sarah Hartwell (reposted with permission)

Just the other side of death’s curtain are the Summerlands. All the pets who have died go through this curtain and though they can still watch us, we can’t see them. Sometimes the curtain is thin in places and we catch a glimpse of our lost companion waiting on the other side. Sometimes the curtain twitches as they look through at us and we can feel them or feel a sudden draft as the curtain falls back into place.

The Summerlands exist in the long, lazy late afternoons of an eternal golden summer of remembered childhood; the time when everything seems most alive and sweetest smelling. Our animals are young again and turned to perfect health. There is always space and time to play and love, places to be with others and places to be alone together.

When our time comes, the curtain is lifted from our eyes and we can see the Summerlands ourselves. Waiting there for us are the animals and people we loved in life and we can see them clearly at last. The has come for us to move away from the curtain and renew these interrupted friendships. Sometimes we can’t help but take a peek through the curtain just to see how our own loved ones are doing before they come to join us.

(Inter)National Holistic Pet Care Day – August 30th

QuotesYesterday I spent some time going through a lot of pet “days” and themed “months” to put in my calendar so I would be reminded of them for social media marketing purposes.

Found out today (August 30) is a relatively unknown “day” (which I’ll run as a week-long campaign next year since I’m now more aware of this ‘holiday’ existing) – National Holistic Pet Care Day.

Initially, this started in the USA like the majority of the pet “days” .. I personally am endeavouring to my part to take this day international .. especially to here in Australia.

It’s sorely needed in Australia (imo).  I’m a big advocate of holistic veterinary medicine – the type that mixes traditional with complimentary/alternative.  The type that takes into account the pet as a whole being just like humans because they are: they’re emotional (like us), their diet (now that we’re researching this a lot more these-days) does affect their health (like us) and their lifestyle (exercise, training, etc) of course affects their state of well-being too.

None-the-less, in my research for content to share on Facebook I came across the following (source) and wanted to share it with you:

Support Holistic Pet Care !

893855_656600751038594_666208605_o Dr Stephen Blake: “I emphatically do not believe that I was taught adequately with regard to the vaccine issue. I was taught to believe vaccinations were synonymous with immunization. They are two separate entities.

“I was taught vaccines were safe and it was implied there had been safety studies done on them before they were used on the general public. They are not safe and there have not been any safety studies done on any of them.

“I was taught that if something adverse happens within a few hours after immunization it was related to the vaccines but, if it happened later than that period of time, it had nothing to do with the vaccines. The truth of the matter is vaccines can set up a latent condition that may show up within a few hours or years after immunization.

“I was taught you needed to vaccinate every year to boost animals’ immune systems. There are no studies to show that annual boosters are ever indicated or that there is any science to support annual vaccines to boost an animal’s immune system. I was never taught that mercury and aluminium hydroxide, which are in the vaccines, can cause cancer, are neurotoxins, and can trigger autoimmune disease.

“When I first went into practice, I noticed some animals developed fevers for a few days, became lethargic, lost their appetites, developed ear infections, seizures, pruritus, UTI, musculoskeletal issues, and behaviour issues after vaccination.

“As time went on, I observed that otitis, UTI, autoimmune disease complexes, gingivitis, allergic dermatitis, IBD, asthma, aggression and phobias, convulsions, paralysis, cancer, chronic conjunctivitis, liver disease, kidney disease, cardiac disease, arthritis, anterior cruciate rupture, hip disease, and corneal lesions can be correlated with vaccine damage.

“Pet guardians are being misinformed. There is no scientific evidence that annual vaccines are needed or indicated.

“I feel there is pressure at all levels of veterinary medicine that we are not to say anything negative about vaccines which would alarm the public and make it harder to sell the vaccine concept. There is no informed consent information presented to the pet owner prior to vaccination because they do not want to alarm the owner and make it difficult to promote vaccines. It has been known for over 20 years that rabies vaccines can cause terminal cancer in the feline and I have yet to meet a client who was informed of this scientific fact by their attending veterinarian. This should be made public to all cat owners prior to rabies vaccine so the owner is aware of the low risk of getting rabies compared to the high risk of getting cancer from the rabies vaccine.

“I love the practice of veterinary medicine with an oath to prevent suffering and do no harm. I do not support my profession’s over-use of drugs, chemicals and vaccines as we know them today. I feel my profession needs to be the leader in breaking away from the dangers of these products and show the human medical profession this is not healing. It does cause harm.

“I feel the pharmaceutical industry finances the veterinary schools and the veterinary profession. I feel they are the fox in the hen house that sets policy for the practice of medicine as we know it today in our country.

“The pharmaceutical industry has too much influence in veterinary teaching. Their approach to medicine prevents any other modalities of healing from being available in our veterinary schools. This is done so they have no competition for the pet industry dollars from unpatentable means.

“Conventional veterinary medicine, with its reliance upon vaccines, steroids, NSAIDs and antibiotics is doing more harm than good.

“The main causes of ill health in animals are vaccines as we know them today; drugs that are needed in an emergency situation; use of chemicals to treat fleas, ticks, lice, and heartworm; herbicides, pesticides, radiation, artificial dyes, flavouring, poor quality pet foods, contaminated water, and cleaning chemicals in homes.

“I have a dream. My dream is that alternative veterinary medicine will no longer be 11th hour medicine and that it will be the first choice of medical care for our friends the animals before I leave this world.”



The gift I was given by the Universe is…

The gift I was given by the Universe is the fact I experienced pet loss at a young age (very young)… and continued to experience it in many different forms throughout my young life and into my adulthood (I seriously thought I was cursed with how many cats tended to either ‘die’ or ‘go missing’ on me!). Whilst I have come to my own peace and understanding (of death) it never gets easier and I still miss a lot of my pets (RIP Bibs!).

The best thing that I like to have people focus on in regards to pet loss isn’t the loss … it’s the transition as such… they’re transitioning from something that is limited (physical form) to something immortal and limitless… they’re with us in our hearts and memories forever. Yes, it’s not the same as having them purr (if a cat) or lick our face (if a dog) however they’re all very aware that their time is limited… and the transition is their own way of allowing us to have room in our lives to share adventures with another unconditional loving soul (if we choose to do so)… as I’ve always allowed myself space to grieve yet always felt the pull to share my life with another furry companion (dog or cat)   eventually…

Yes, I know exactly what I’m in for with Marnie and Garry. It is going to hurt like a motherf-er when one or the other decides “its time”… yet that’s grief.. I’ll go through it … and move on.. and do it all over again and again and again …

I want my heart to break. It won’t ever stop until I personally am no longer of physical form.

Is Little Bear worth $15K ?

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue recently posted:

There are many folks out there that don’t understand why we are helping Little Bear. Some in the rescue community in particular have been the harshest critics of this plight. “With the money you’ve spent on Little Bear, you could have saved 100 dogs!” they say. They may be right and I may agree with that premise but they are missing the point. We help dogs Like Little Bear because of the way his eyes ask us to and for the way it makes us feel. We are united in helping him; we pull for him; we pray for him; we focus positive energy on him; we talk to our friends about him; we become better people, more conscious people because of him. Because Little Bear’s battle creates a domino effect of positivity and consciousness that is worth it! Little Bear IS UNEQUIVOCALLY WORTH the 15k that its cost us to care for him and if he doesn’t make it, I’d still say that it was the right thing to do. 
But I do think he’s going to make, in fact, I know so. His blood work looks good, his incision and stitches look good and he’s got the support of a World Wide Mutt Militia behind him that will NEVER SAY DIE! We won’t know how well his body is fighting the infection until Sunday but so far so good. He is on the most powerful antibiotics that are available and his kidneys are holding up to the onslaught. 
The critics would find themselves happier people if they just got on the Little Bear band wagon and started routing. You may disagree with our “exorbitant” treatment of him and his needs, but trust me, its always better on the bright side. Unnecessarily critiquing something like this when there are so many other things to spend our emotional energy on is just ludicrous. Turn on the game, Team Little Bear is about to win the World Series!


My reply:

Hmm… as I have initiated a For Purpose (non profit) project that deals with death and senior/special needs pets… there are two sides to this story and they are both valid. They are both right. There is also what we as humans do to animals all the time …. we as humans hold onto the pets so tightly… not allowing them to die… they (the pets) do ‘seek’ our permission… sometimes they will do everything in their own power to stay alive for us… because we have not given them permission to transition… when all they want to do is transition from this existence… and it is a transition… it isn’t a death… they’re not afraid (the humans are)…

Thus the people who say the $15K could’ve saved others are correct. Yes, it could’ve been used for those purposes… however everyone (including this dog Little Bear and all the humans involved) walk their own journeys… we cannot invalidate other peoples’ journeys. Ever.

At the same time, denial is very powerful for us humans when it comes to pets and not wanting them to die..  especially if we have spent so much time, money, energy, resources, etc. There are aspects to the above post that highlight this denial (my opinion only!) of both “the reality” and the fact that they are not giving Little Bear any opportunity to transition (if that is what Little Bear wants to do because he’s holding on only because no one has given him that permission).

It’s written all over the post: you will survive this for us Little Bear. You will. You’re not allowed to transition. You’ve been given everything and we do not want you to die. We want you to survive.

… and there is nothing wrong with it. It is fine. This is their journey just as much as Little Bear’s journey.

This is why I’ve launched The Summerlands Project. I understand more than people realise… and I want to provide the support for rescues, shelters & people in the community in their journeys … the people and the pets !