Celebrating Money Love

According to my Instagram account I posted this photo 30 weeks ago (click here to view). To be honest, it was a commitment I made to my own personal development (aka ‘life hacking’ as it is called these days) way back at the start of the year (at an event Rossco provided at his former home).

My whole PD (or life hack) plan for this year (and many years to come) is to work on my relationship with money … because even if I start to earn millions of dollars (don’t laugh – it’s possible!) I want to ensure I do so having a honest relationship with my money (because the relationship I have with my money does affect EVERYTHING else in my life).

It all started with an opportunity with Anne Aleckson via Peaceful and Plentiful Financial Flow – 21 Day Intensive / 21 Day Money Flow Intensive. Thankfully for me the universe gifted me those experiences (thanks to action I had taken thus I had ‘earned’ my position).

Lately, I’ve been participating in Lotus Kruse‘s Money Love group programme. We’re in the final week of it.

I’m happy to say that I’m achieving this 1% (if not more).

The best thing. This change is sustainable. I’m also ‘waking up’ … now when I see and hear people speaking about earning six figures or more per year I’m instantly skeptical … that means absolutely shit to me now … what I want to know (from now on) … is if these “six figure income earners” are in POSITIVE net wealth ?

They may have ‘earned’ six figures this year however what is their TRUE NET WORTH ? Are they in debt OVER their income ? How much money did they spend that was theirs (not credit) to get to those six figures ? I honestly don’t give a rats ass about your flashy BMW which is actually BAD DEBT .. even if you owned it out-right … that’s something that’s a liability not something that is an asset.

I’m NOT PERFECT in this sphere myself. Awareness was the 1% I needed this year to help me recover from a horrendous 2014 where I had my head in the sand for most of the year.

It will be interesting to see where I am ‘this time next year’ due to how I’ve actively been working very hard on my relationship with money.

I still have a lot of stories, thoughts and “money beliefs” that don’t serve me however all I am seeking this year and in the years to come is 1% change. Anyone familiar with “cumulative interest” (google it if you need to) will understand the power of 1%.

Anymore change beyond this can be unsustainable. That was my obstacle previously. I had made changes yet those changes were great that ultimately they weren’t sustainable.

My intention at the start of Money Love was the below. It will be interesting to reflect this time next week when the Money Love programme is over to see what my new intention will be for going forward.


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