CHECKLIST: Prior To Your Periscope Broadcast

Unlike a lot of people I like to keep things simple when doing a Periscope Broadcast.   I don’t have a selfie stick nor a tripod or any fancy microphones on purpose .. as I intending to show a lot of other people you don’t “need” all those ‘extra’ things (as some people will use that as an excuse to never start) .. you just need YOU 🙂

This checklist has been developed through both personal observation of myself and other peoples’ checklists.


  • Ensure phone or tablet battery level is at minimum 70%
  • Test your Wifi connection
  • Put phone in do not disturb mode and turn wifi on  (if possible)
  • If using your phone or tablet data:  ensure you have a strong signal.
  • Set up your opening image (can be a graphic or something interesting)
  • Keep distractions and noise minimal
  • Have a simple background
  • Ensure what you’re wearing won’t distract viewers
  • Check your lighting
  • Keep your notes (in bullet point) near-by to keep on topic
  • Keep your timer ready if you need to use it
  • Smile 🙂


  • Copy/paste title from note file
  • Select twitter icon ON
  • Select location arrow ON if desired
  • Check privacy (off) and chat settings (allow everyone)



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