Cyber-stalking Erika Lyremark – my new role model and inspiration

I’m adding Erika to my ever expanding “role model” list which includes Sheila Kelley, at the moment.

Stripper Bar
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Anyway, the start of this story actually begins with the free chapter download you can acquire via her website ( click here ).

Okay.. actually.. I’ll back-track a bit.  I happened upon her website and this wonderful woman with thanks to Undress Jess (who I follow via twitter) posting her Amazon wish list … and was intrigued.  91 reviews and 90 of them 4-5 star !  Yes.. she only has ONE 3 star review and NO 1-2 star reviews…. and in my opinion this says a LOT 🙂  Well done Erika.  I was impressed.  Yes, I did read that 3 star review and a few of the 4-5 star reviews.

Then the cyber stalking began !  I typed in “Think Like A Stripper Erika” into Google… and starting following a few of the links.

I mostly watched some of her video interviews on Youtube and her site. Listened to her radio/audio only interviews too.  Made notes. LOTS of notes.

Then I started reading her free chapter.

The following is featured at the start:

If instead of fulfilling your business potential and happy-dancing in your stilettos, you’re crying in the bathroom and wrecking your mascara, then this book is dedicated to you. 

…. and bingo.  I was in the totally right place at the right time. After having such an accomplished day on Sunday past where I came up with my first Sensual Movement routine (as I’m endeavouring to teach the doing .. movements.. not JUST be a talker and coach in re mindset)…  you could say my other business brought me crashing down on Monday to reality.  I am some frustrations/challenges with that business which was affecting my creative flow for Lady Vee.   Thus I was “crying in The Dressing Room” (Erika will “get” 😉 my reference!).   Just like my own former stripper days, I knew crying in The Dressing Room doesn’t get you anywhere. Yet it is also not shameful to have those down moments.  Have that cry. Have a rant. Whinge. Vent.  No one can be happy 100% of the time it isn’t realistic IMO.   Yet GET OVER IT.  That’s the key here.  Go ahead.. cry in The Dressing Room however also.. LEAVE the Dressing Room and WORK THE FLOOR GIRL !

I was ready to “get over it” and leave The Dressing Room … get back in my hot pink stripper heels… and work it.

Thus the reason I cyber stalked Erika today.

She is a true inspiration especially because we share VERY similar stories not just for the fact we are both former strippers.

Here’s a quirky fact … she was leaving the industry in 2001… I was only just starting!  I have the dubious honour of my first night ever as a stripper being the night of the September 11 attacks (which was Sept 12th for us here in Australia).    (I’m saving that juicy story for another time (ah yes a tease to the end baby!!) as I am a similar believer to Erika in telling a story, sharing the lessons I learnt and suggesting practical ways this can apply to my readers.)

There is one other difference in our adult entertainment experiences: our locations. Stripping in Australia can be quite different to stripping in the USA.  Whilst I personally didn’t experience the differences first hand I had a lot of contact back in the day online with a LOT of USA strippers. I was one of the rare few Aussie strippers promoting myself, networking and finding support online back then.  (click here to listen to an interview I gave “back in the day”!)  I also personally did a lot of different aspects of the industry here in Australia. I didn’t stay as a strip club stripper (aka “house girl”) – I was a showgirl, contract stripper, webcam girl, private party waitress, private party xxx stripper and eventually helped run an agency on the Gold Coast before I retired (and left the industry for good).

We do share this part of our journies in common:

I was able to not only make peace with my past but embrace it. With a bit of distance between me and the pole, I was able to see the strength in my history, not just the depression that I’d suffered because of it. 

…. if you read my Defining Moment story you’ll see how we are very much a like in this aspect.

The other difference between us is that I was a full time stripper. I wasn’t one of those girls “working her way through college”.  That isn’t to say I didn’t partake of any learnings. I did short courses and online courses here and there however ultimately I was a stripper. (I even flew to Las Vegas to partake of a seminar called Stripper Wealth. I still have the manual and everything !) Stripping was my business and income. I didn’t have anything else happening at the time.

Anyway, honestly, that’s all just semantics.  Reading her free excerpt will mean I will buy the whole book – the paperback version if I can possibly so as I can keep it with me to keep me motivated, inspired and focused.  It will remind me that my former profession is a source of strength not shame.

Whilst Erika is in the realm of being a business coach.  I could easily do the same. I am going to stick with what I want to do still which is inspired by Sheila Kelley.

Thus you could say when I finally do launch Lady Vee … it will be a mixture of movement (inspiration – Sheila Kelley) and mindset (inspiration – Erika Lyremark).

Thank you Erika.

Maybe one day we will meet ?

She calls your hopes your Red Carpet Dreams… whilst mine don’t involve red carpet…  one of my dreams is to take “this” international !   To be able to spread my message beyond just Australia (even tho’ everyone has to start somewhere and my own backyard of the glorious Gold Coast is not too shabby!).

So.. maybe. Just maybe.

Remember, you can download the free chapter via her website ( click here ).



  • You are human. You can’t always be on. You can’t always be positive. It’s okay to have a down moment, a down day.
  • It is okay to be in The Dressing Room for a break.  Just don’t stay there.  The customers aren’t in the Dressing Room they’re on the floor.  The Dressing Room is a place you can visit not stay the whole shift.
  • Be open to the journey and the learnings
  • The old saying – The teacher will appear when the student is ready – is true. Always.
  • EVERYONE has an interesting story.  Everyone.
  • Just because someone else has done it before is not an excuse to not do it.  Do you think tyre manufacturers care that someone else produces tyres ?
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