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Regnault Socrates Tears Alcibiades from the Embrace of Sensual Pleasure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I volunteered to do a 1 min “elevator pitch” at The Startup Club meeting last night.  During the day, another member (and someone I have known for awhile) Nick, came by to give me some major assistance with it.   Oh boy did I ever need it.

Some of my notes that I took away from my meeting with Nick are pretty standard “sales 101” stuff.  Whilst I personally am okay with sales as I learnt a lot through my “DancerWealth” training … I have always felt that since my sales training was specific to the environment (strip clubs)…  I have always had a generally difficult time translating it to “the civilian world”.

So.. here’s some of my notes (if you do not understand them that’s okay – put whatever meaning you want on them):

  • Asking the right questions = $$$$
  • People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care
  • Selling is not telling: guide people to think .. feel.. act.. in a certain pre determined manner
  • (50) Rapport (Know Like Trust) -> (40)  Desire (Pleasure) / Disturb (Pain) -> (7)  Solution -> (3) Close
  • Ensure you always have rapport before you do anything more !
  • 7% WHAT You Say (Words)
  • 5% HOW You Say (Voice)
  • 58% Body Language / Non Verbals
  • Elevator Pitch – It IS OK to be general and not specific

The first obstacle we overcame… asking me to listen. Not hear – listen.  Use my ears not my mouth.  I’m NOT perfect. I love to talk.

Next obstacle ?  Asking me to define what Lady Vee does in 10 words.  Fuck me !  This has been my biggest difficulty for a long long time.

We did it in 8 words !!!

Lady Vee builds your confidence in your own sensuality.  

Next obstacle ?  Using the Rapport Desire/Disturb, Solution, Close method for my elevator pitch.

Oh… also throw AIDA in for good measure.  (AIDA:  Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.)

Now… here’s the special bit of something that happened during the meeting when we got to this part and started formulating my Elevator Pitch.

I was drawing upon the exact original reason why I started Lady Vee in the first place.

I was also discounting who I was actually needing to speak with to get to the women whom I wanted to work with.

In a nutshell, it was an experience coaching a couple (wife and husband) to teach the wife to lap dance her husband (and I mean REAL lap dancing – she was naked none of this ‘pretending’ stuff)… and following up shortly after with teaching the wife how to glamour model for her husband (who wanted to take some photos)… realising how much fun I had…  how ‘easy’ it was for me to do it…  that if this couple was looking for this… there had to be other couples looking for similar … right ?

That initially I called myself a sensual confidence coach.

That initially I was aiming at couples.

Then… life happens…  and I did a lot of courses… 3 day workshops… masterminds…  asking questions on Facebook…

I slightly deviated from the original path.

Yet I needed to have that deviation because I wouldn’t have come to eventually embrace my brand name of  StripperLike Confidence.

StripperLike Confidence is exactly what I’m about because I want the women in the relationships to be as comfortable with being naked..  being sensual.. moving in a sensual manner for their partners just as much as strippers (just like I am)…   to have that body confidence… to have that confidence in who they are as women.. to have no shame, stigma or guilt in being authentic.. in being themselves..  to re-claim their minds & bodies !

So… *drum roll please*  here is what we came up with….

One in six women in a relationship have not let their partner see them naked in over a year.


Because they’ve lost confidence in their own sensuality.

This is often caused by childbirth, weight gain and negative beliefs that have stemmed from childhood.

I’m sure you all will agree that this unfortunate psychological issue often ends in infidelity and divorce.

Myself, as Lady Vee, am dedicated to helping couples avoid these situations. This is done by working closely with women to build their confidence in their own sensuality.

Contact me for your own personal consultation.

Pretty good huh ?

Now that I have this one minute pitch … and I already have my sales funnel worked out… all I need is to make some slight adjustments… and stick to my original plan dammit !!!


Sometimes it takes a while for the path to be clear.


I’m celebrating Day 30 because clarity is priceless.



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