Do you know anyone who might be suitable ?

Tecoma guarume 'Flaming Belles'
Tecoma guarume ‘Flaming Belles’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m seeking ONE lady to be my assistant for every Saturday SensualFit class.

What will be required of the assistant ?

As my assistant you will be there 15-30 mins prior and 15-30 mins after the class to assist me in setting up, signing people in, helping process any sign ups, handling money and answering questions.

You, also, have to attend EVERY Saturday class to be eligible for this special barter arrangement/deal.  Naturally, there are legitimate reasons for cancellations however if you feel you won’t be able to devote this time – please do not apply.

You will receive free membership into SensualFit BB (Beautiful Belles) Club:


Email ladyvee AT goldcoastgirl DOT biz !


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