E Squared Experiment 3

Date of Experiment: Thursday 5 December

Due to being “stuck” home for most of Thursday I decided to put Experiment 2 on hold until I was out and about later in the day.

( click here for the video )

You can’t quite see the rods in the video.  It might be through power of belief (and well the whole damn book is about how our minds/beliefs influence everything around us so thus the experiment is proof of it!)… however if you watch the rods… and I was NOT moving them with my hands…. I feel the experiment was a success !

I will go down on record to attest that I was just holding them.


The above is the experiment from the book…  in the first half where it asked us to think of an unpleasant event from the past I have to admit the one I thought of instantly wasn’t the one that made the rods move… which DID surprise me…  it might be because recently I kinda finally came to grips with it and released it.  Yet the second event I went to after noticing the rods not moving… seems to do the trick.

The first event I was thinking about happened in my teenage years. My mother and myself did NOT have a great relationship. It was very heated. A lot of arguments. A lot of fighting. A lot of my mother locking me out of the house. Not a lot of love during that time at all from me towards her.  At the time, I was completely unaware what was really happening with her. Revealed to me many years after her death I was informed my mother was dealing with her own not so great childhood issues thru therapy.  Mix that with the fact that we were very similar in personality (argh! something I hoped wouldn’t happen to me but I only realised at the time of her death)… yup. My poor father. Anyway, the event happened after she punished me (punishment was doing the garbage and various chores I didn’t have to do usually).  I was down the side of the house (7 Witt Avenue in Carrara) empty-ing the garbage. My bicycle was between the side door entrance and where I was empty-ing the garbage into the wheelie bins.  The event happened during this moment in relation to my bicycle.. and it was traumatic enough that I’ve kept it with me up until now. I will still remember it. Yet now I have semi released it at least.  

The rods didn’t move for that event I mentioned.  It moved for an event that happened when I was in Grade 1 or 2. I was going to a school called St Bernard in Brisbane (I think?)… I was only like 5-6-7 or something at the time… my younger brother was a baby/toddler… without fail up until this event (and now you’ll understand my fear of abandonment!) my mother had picked me up from school. This was the first time in my poor little life I thought I was forgotten about.  Yes, unfortunately my mother decided to have a nap and over slept.  Little me had no idea about motherhood !!  (Now I do .. even tho’ I’m not a mother I did early childcare thus have some awareness.) Little me saw my friends go home. Saw every single child waiting in the “pick up area” go home.  I was sitting there. By myself. Alone. Scared. I was a mess when a teacher found me.  Naturally, she took me to the school office who called my mother.  That phone call made her wake up quickly and I went home.  For whatever reason, that event has stood clear in my mind (and this is the first time I’m admitting it happened on a public forum as I feel I need to be a little vulnerable here to release it)… and stayed clear for a long time.

THAT event made the rods move. 🙁

 Now to spin it around and do the positive thoughts.  

I started with the janet. concert I attended in the 90s.  Picturing when she performed Black Cat. First time I had heard and seen her (and last time) perform one of my favourite songs.  Oh yes… then my mind went to The Prodigy…. thus the reason I started to look like I was singing some lyrics in my head or dancing along to some music… I was… I was reliving (and even now writing about it brings a smile to my face automatically) the first and second Big Day Out performances by The Prodigy.  Then my mind kept moving thru some more positive experiences…. 2005. The whole year pretty much… yet most importantly… when I was doing the People magazine centrefold spread shoot (hell yes!!)… and walking through Pacific Fair cinemas in my Slave Leia costume for the premiere of Star Wars Episode 3…  kinda feeling like a celebrity because EVERYONE wanted their photo taken with me ! WOOT!! HELL YES !!!  I won the costume competition easily and got my 5 seconds of fame on Channel 9 news… hahahaha

The other two parts of the experiment are within the video.

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