E Squared Experiments 5 + 6 + 7


Screen Shot E Squared Experiments

I thought I would re-do Experiment 6 whilst I was doing my Xmas house sitting since I was going to be here (house sitting) for long enough.  Upon further reflection, I decided against it for the same reason of what happened at home – the dogs might destroy the experiment.  Instead, in the new year when I’m home more than away I will re-do the experiment.  I’m going to re-try growing cat grass again.

For experiment 5 – I asked:  Should I transition “Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets” (which is a successful Facebook page I created back in 2011) into a “heart centred” social enterprise ?

My inner guidance still says to not mess with it too much as “it ain’t broke why fix it” plus there isn’t any ‘real’ way to make money from it without damaging the page (making it too commercial and less heart centred).  In the end, it would just stay as my way of giving back to the community and keeping animals involved in my life whilst I develop Lady Vee.

As per the above Facebook post I made… and even now… I keep forgetting to “say grace” as such for the food I’m eating. I also do not need to gain or loose any weight and feel that overall I have a good attitude towards my food ….. thus the reason I personally have never “diet-ed” in my life.

INSTEAD … I’ve changed the Experiment slightly and it is more an on-going (re-training of my mind) type of scenario.

For Experiment 7 – My habit when I go shopping is to say to myself at times “I can’t afford that”.  It isn’t that I think negatively of the food I’m buying… it is that I have been watching the cost of my grocery shopping due to having limited funds more often than not for so long…. it’s really screwed with my shopping habits.

I’m just trying to be more observant of my thoughts.  Instead of saying ” I cannot afford that ” … I say “I have chosen to spend my money on other things today!” or “I can afford it … next time” or “I can afford it next week” or something…  just re-phasing how I speak to myself when making my purchases.

Plus when shopping… allow myself to purchase something nice at least once during each shop.  That nice can be treat-orientated or organic coconut juice …  whatever.  I am teaching myself to splurge on at least ONE item each grocery shop.   Or it can even be buying more “gourmet” soup versus the cheap soup in a can (paying $1 more for the quality sometimes).

I’m noticing the change in how I speak to myself is having an impact.


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