Endless Training: Avoidance Behavior?

By Kim Klaver

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/kim.klaver/posts/10151067253411657

Should you travel to that next recruiting training seminar? Or buy the next recruiting book or CD set you don’t have yet? Or spend a few months learning how to find prospects on Facebook or becoming a blogger?

If your office (or garage is already full of “how to recruit” stuff, and you are still not really prospecting on a serious basis, you may be getting training addiction syndrome.

After all, going to trainings and buying the next shiny how-to object is MUCH easier and MUCH MORE FUN than actually prospecting.

A friend had been weighing whether to spend a weekend at another upcoming recruiting event…It happens he is in the midst of a massive, daily, intensive prospecting effort.

After thinking about it, he wrote,

“I think that while I’d love to go, I’m wary of the time and money required but much more than that, I feel like I’ve got enough audios, books, videos etc. from various people in the industry and would “only” walk out of there with more shiny audios, books, videos in my arms that would divert me from my course. And what good is it in the end unless you take ACTION and APPLY it?!!! Helloooooo?!!”

Then he added…

“There comes a point when continuing education becomes avoidance behavior. The learning is in the doing. There will be more events and I can go to one later. For now, I’m going to stay the course and stay focused on what we’re doing – prospecting 4-6 hours each day.”




This is the number one reason I stopped being involved with a previous network marketing company.  They had “CEP” (Continuing Education Programme)….. basically they encouraged this ‘addiction’ in my opinion.  It was far to easy to attend events, buy CDs, books and so forth whilst not taking any action.   I also didn’t like the pressure they would put on people to attend every single damn event !   It was frowned upon if you didn’t attend most if not all the events (local and national).  No thank you.

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