Enlightened Conversations with Michelle Lightworker & Lady Vee – We’re busting the BI myths!

Enlightened Conversations with Michelle Lightworker & Lady Vee

*FACEBOOK LIVE 30th March 2017

Leading a movement of positive change around the world, Lady Vee (Vanessa) guides introverted women to reclaim their sexiness, reconnect with their bodies, and increase their feminine confidence. She teaches her students how to dissolve self-criticism and improve their romantic relationships — so they get the life they want and deserve.

Some topics that were explored:

– What’s it like to be bi in a heterosexual relationship?
– Do you make out with your friends?
– Are we always on the look out for 3somes?
– Do you always know you’re bi?
– Do bi’s have a ‘type’?
– Do you stop being bi if you are in a hetero-sexual relationship?
– Do bi’s always cheat on their partners?
– How do you navigate relationship ‘rules’ when you’re bi?
– What’s it like being a hetero/gay partner of someone bi?
– How does it feel to be bi in a gay community setting?
– Why bi’s feel invisible.

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