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Thursday 5 December after 6pm start. 48 hour deadline.

IMG_2948It asked (as per the image) for me to actively LOOK for certain objects/items/things.

For the first 24 hours I chose green cars.

For the second 24 hours I chose yellow flowers.

I chose green cars because I didn’t know which colour to pick .. I didn’t want to pick black, white, red or blue which seem to be very common colours for this experiment.  Whilst driving a bright green car caught my eye. Thus I chose green.  Unfortunately, I didn’t specify what type of green so I counted both bright green and dark greens …

Initially only a handful as I started this experiment late (approx 6pm).  The next day.. 16, 30+ and 20 in three separate car trips I did that day.  I honestly didn’t think there were THAT many green cars on the Gold Coast!

The amusing parts of this tail:

* I was going thru a round-a-bout and a green car entered it and thus was driving in front of me.  Normally it would just be another car however I found it amusing that it was right in front of me – can’t miss it! 😀 hahaha

* I arrived at one of my destinations only to find 3 other cars on the street (surrounding me – two in front, and one on the other side of the street in someone’s driveway).

* Had another case of “hello green car!” whilst driving … yet another one driving in front of me so I couldn’t ignore it 😀

One thing I learnt in this lesson is that I needed to be specific with which type of green I was going to “count” as all types showed up.

For the second half of this experiment I chose yellow flowers.  This was mostly because where I was at the time (I house sit) had yellow flowers within the room.  Unlike the green cars, they weren’t as prolific however it was interesting where I saw all my yellow flowers:

* At an intersection there is a painted electrical box (or something)… and it had flowers painted on it.. and yes… big yellow flowers. I have past this many times and never really noticed the huge yellow flowers painted on it !

* Driving along and randomly saw yellow flowers in someone’s garden

* Walking a dog and there were small yellow flowers along the footpath/side of the road

* Walking the same dog and someone’s yard had yellow flowers within them (never noticed before)


What colour car did you choose ?  What object ?

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