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Today is the day I do Experiment 4 !  (I will also get started on gathering what I need for Experiment 6)

Well this one is one of the scary Experiments IMO.  “Be careful for what you wish for as you may just get it!” … which is a warning to ensure that you are willing to accept what the Universe (or FP as Pam calls it) is going to give you once you do this experiment (as well as Experiment 5 which will be interesting!).

The other reason it is scary is because … well… I’ve done this before.  For those who are not aware of my spirituality persuasion I chose the label Pagan neo-witchcraft (with a small w).  Pagan because my spirituality is eclectic (a mish mash that works for me).  neo-witchcraft (with a small w) to reflect “the craft of the witch” which means lifestyle.  Witchcraft (with a big W) is more religious in nature IMO and usually linked with Wicca.  witchcraft with a small w is actually non religious / atheistic in nature. The Paganism is where I draw my spirituality.  Overall I do have an atheistic “bent” to my spirituality.  I only believe in the Gods and Goddess as archetypes.  They only exist because myself and other people have created them. Anyway, let’s just say Pam gets it in her book with my style of spirituality.

Anyway, back in the day when I was new to the path I did a lot of spells. Yes SPELLS.  Not devil worship. I didn’t invoke anyone. It was more me making requests of the Universe or “manipulating reality”… and the scary thing is that I did this quite well that I stopped. I started to understand that the symbols, tools and words all used in the spell weren’t really needed. They were great for focal points / for focus however in the end … it was my mind that made the magick so I didn’t need them.  Thus I just started to just “use the power of my mind” for awhile… then life happened… and every so often I would re-engage this skill… and get scared off.

Yes, scared of my own “power” as such. That I knew that I had it. That I could access it anytime. I could ask for what I wanted and get it. Universe would never ever let me down (it hasn’t – only my lack of self belief does!).

So.. you can understand why this Experiment is a little scary for me. I know I need to be specific.

I’ve done spells where I wasn’t specific and Universe filled in the blanks (and gave me what I needed not what I wanted hahahaha!)


Also, the same with Experiment 5 …  I’ve done that… and have had quite drastic “wham!” revelations thrown in my face. Horrible and painful at the time. Gosh darn it were they … however totally what I needed in the long run even tho’ at the time they were traumatic.


So… big deep breaths.  I won’t let my fear rule me. I will do the experiments… and “so be it!”  (or as some witches say “So Mote It Be!” … I have no idea what ‘mote’ means hahaha!)

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