Facebook proof that Xocai has great potential ….

Love it or loathe it … Facebook can be a great place for inspiration and community.

In my case, it was inspiration and opened my eyes up to the huge potential Xocai has within this great country since it’s relatively unknown .. wouldn’t you agree ?


getwinesdirect.com posted the above today (Sunday 19 February) in response to offering a lucky person a free bottle of Moet.   I came across this with thanks to a “facebook friend” posting it (sharing it) within her timeline thus it appeared on my newsfeed.

At the time of this blog post there were 210 (excluding my own) comments to their post:

Morning all. Todays’s question to win a FREE BOTTLE OF MOET is …are you a dark chocolate or milk chocolate person? Simply post and SHARE this and you’ll go into the draw to win a bottle of Moet Champagne drawn tomorrow. Good Luck. Tony Sells & The Get Wines Direct Team

I don’t know where I gave up however when I did stop counting….  the final tallies are (round up to the nearest 5):

Answers that said both:  15

Answers that said dairy:  45

Answers that said dark:  45

Answers that said neither: 5

Now, just imagine if every person who said dark chocolate was consuming Xocai ?  

It’s the logical choice when you learn how crappy store-bought (or in my case “fuel stop bought”) dark chocolate is for you compared to consuming Xocai.  Xocai is NOT a candy or treat — it’s nutritional, it is great for you.  The other stuff is candy and a treat.

If you’re in the Gold Coast area or nearby, click on the FREE Chocolate link at the top of this page.

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