Feeling mosaic-al ( Juli DuBois )

Okay… story time… grab a cuppa.

So… one day I decided to wanted to go to this event called The Swagger Project.

I WON A PRIZE at The Swagger Project

Only problem ?  Due to my car not being in good shape I needed to car pool so before investing in a ticket … I did the smart thing and try to find a ride.

It didn’t seem like it would happen until a good friend stepped in and got a ticket herself so… yay… car pool!

Attended The Swagger Project … and won a prize (see the image) !

What was the prize ?  1 year membership for G-Force.

You see… the funny thing is… I was speaking with Amanda Foy previously.  I was also wanting to try to catch up with her at least in person since we had only known each other online at the moment.

Thus… yes… it was the “perfect” prize for me to win. It was exactly what I needed.

ANYWAY…  bonus without me knowing it at the time…  Juli DuBois is a Scorpio like me !  (All the best people are… didn’t you know? 😛 ) Thus she was offering ‘free’ readings for the G-Force members …. perfect timing !

Today didn’t start out to terribly great…  it started on a rather down note with the fact that my bank account was overdrawn considerably… and I was a bit in a panic about what to do about it “right now” (next week wasn’t of a concern… just the here and now).   I was reflecting on my vulnerability etc with thanks to Brene Brown’s TED talk I had watched ( refer to this blog post )…

Then bam bam bam.  Universe gave me my answers. Not money but answers. Now that I have the answers the money will flow.

Firstly, Juli’s reading was right on the mark.  Now remember she doesn’t know me that terribly well… and yes we missed family and relationships/love… however for now… they weren’t what was occupying my mind.

Here is what I posted on Facebook shortly after:

Okay … had my reading with Juli  and OMG-dess! YES YES OH YES ! At the same time… oh dear… I’m on my high again… 

Basically, the answers I received that I needed to hear was about my way of thinking … my life… how come I tend to have a million things going at the same time… it’s because I’m mosaic ! Think about it… just like a mosaic… it’s all separate pieces… all over the place… and looks like a mess.. yet together… it forms a picture… it is all inter-linked. That would explain why I have multiple businesses right now… and that it is perfectly okay for me to have them …. 

I also received an answer to [something that was bothering me]. It isn’t a stumbling block. It was to do with the way I’m “wired” as such… I have highs and lows in my income as it reflects the highs and lows in my energy/personality …

….. and that it is okay ! That is just how I *am*. I’m not linear. All this talk from business people forcing me to kinda be linear isn’t working and hasn’t worked FOR A REASON … it isn’t me. I’m like a heartbeat – it goes “high” and “low” … and thus represents my vitality. If I am ever too consistent… I flatline.. it is not me. 

It also explains why as a dancer I have always been great with free form/flow type of dancing. Put the music on.. and let me go… whereas it can take a few hours for me to come up with a routine and choreography… as that is linear. 


What you said is what I needed to hear … it has helped million fold. I’m not going to try to fight against my nature anymore. I’m also going to stop taking on other peoples’ beliefs and opinions on “how things should be done” for me… I need to really listen to myself

And… I’m a hellava lot less stressed about my monetary situation. Yes it’s low low tide however that is part of who I am unfortunately… it is part of how I balance in my life… “heartbeat”

… Straight after my call with Juli I had a meeting in relation to a business project/idea that is right up my alley…


learning about pre frames !!

It’s been a great day.  Lucrative spiritually.
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