For those worried about the cane sugar in Xocai products

My mentor, Lori, passed the following onto me about a lady who tasted the Xocai chocolates.

She has no stomach, as it was surgically removed. She was fine with the Xocai chocolate. Here was what she said before she tasted them.

Hopefully this will in turn give you confidence that the raw cane juice is good for you.


“Must add that since my bypass operation, most chocolate makes me very ill. Sugar makes me shake, sweat and even pass out or vomit at times, it all depends on the amount of sugar and bad fats they put in it. Ice cream has a similar effect. Last Christmas I tried three pieces of chocolate orange and I honestly thought I was going to die, very bad chocolate indeed. I can only eat small amounts of some chocolate but I refuse to give up chocolate altogether. My daughter is disgusted with me as she has to watch my bad reactions or listen to me crying or throwing up 🙂 She saved my life two years ago when my bypass tube burst. All of my children and family have suffered with obesity at some stage, including myself.”


Remember:  this lady was FINE after she tasted Xocai chocolate !   Thus if you find you have a reaction to most other chocolates, confidently give Xocai a try !

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