Free Speed Networking ONLINE EVENT ( using BLAB.IM )

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CLICK HERE using CHROME browser on your desktop to join or download the app (iOS only at the moment).

What is Speed Networking?

A more effective way to network. You meet someone new every 5 minutes. The time limit makes it ok to get straight to the point! We let everyone know when to change. This takes the stress out of introducing yourself and finishing the conversation.

Why did I want to take offline Speed Networking to the online world ?

  • Have you ever been to a networking event or Small Business Networking Group and got stuck talking to someone for ages and you were too polite to say anything ?!

  • Do you want to meet new people but don’t feel like going by yourself to an offline event ?

  • Have you ever had to sit through a long-winded speech at a networking event which didn’t even apply to you ?

If you can understand any of those, then that’s why I started this online event  (using the BLAB.IM platform) !

Why do people attend?

Business Networking – Expand your business through referrals, new business contacts and discussing anything else important to entrepreneurs!

Social Networking – Meet new people and have a fun experience…on a weeknight!

Communication Skills – The opportunity to talk to so many new people is perfect for improving social and communication skills!

event_151236982How It Works & Agenda

General networking & Awaiting People To Arrive for 10 minutes.

Introduction & Quick Overview of Free Speed Networking (5 mins)

Speed Networking for 30 minutes (meet 5 new people)

Start your 3 minute conversation


You have 2 minutes to give us your details: website, free offers, upcoming events, etc.

HOST will give you a sign that it is time to move on to the next person.

After the last person, HOST will offer a 5 minute Speed Networking Tip – Now that you have some experience, we give you a tip to practice to make it even better.

Free Speed Networking Finishes – You are glad you came because you had fun, met new people and you’re excited to follow up with the new people you have met!

General Networking (optional) – Stay and chat to people you met or meet new people ( CLICK HERE ) as this is done in a separate BLAB.IM CHAT

WHAT THE HELL IS BLAB.IM ?   Click here for The Ultimate Guide to BLAB.IM


CLICK HERE using CHROME browser on your desktop to join or download the app (iOS only at this stage).