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One of the brilliant aspects of Send Out Cards that I love compared to any other network marketing company is the capacity for Non Profits, Charities, Rescues, Shelters and anything else in that area to benefit 🙂

Why is SOC so well suited to Non Profits/Charities ?

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This is what “sold” me on Send Out Cards as, like any person, I have “my” charities that I support.  Naturally, they’re animal-orientated and they’re local due to my work as a Professional Pet Carer.  One of these charities, Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue, I’ve known the Founder (Alex) for awhile now.

Have a meeting with her this Saturday.

This will be my first ever presentation of a Guest Account Walkthrough with a Fundraising “bent”.  Usually my GAWs have a Business “bent” to them or Personal.  Granted, there isn’t too much different between Fundraising and Business.

As with anything SOC, I always go in with the mindset that it sells itself.  If the person can’t see the benefits / potential of SOC after I present the GAW (Free Guest Account Walkthrough) then so be it. NEXT !

Yes, I will be sad that the person whomever it is couldn’t see the benefits like I can however that’s okay.  SendOutCards is relatively unknown “out there”.  There are plenty more fish in the sea 🙂



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