Goodbye: “If I can do this, ANYONE can!”?

This come via my Facebook today:

If you’re in Network Marketing or whatever you want to call this industry then you need to read that blog post.  It’s right on.

It is also interesting that this specific blog post came up when I have been listening to the first CD out of the Black Belt Recruiting product I bought awhile ago today.   It’s amazing the similarities between traditional business (aka “old fashioned” ways of doing business) and being involved in Network Marketing.

This is also a common frustration I have whenever people think starting a professional pet care business is going to be awesome and easy.  You can have the technical background (be a vet nurse or even a vet), have an absolute passion for animals however when it comes to actually running a business ……  they forget that it takes persistence to get through those painful and not so great times to be able to come out the other end successful or at least to be able to enjoy being successful.

I’m not perfect. I’m not successful however, at least, I understand that I can’t just give up at the first hurdle.

Strongly recommend Black Belt Recruiting to anyone in business not just Network Marketing.


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