Grateful In April

TODAY April 1st

Let special people in your life know how grateful you are for having them in your world. Visit, call, text, email or even send an old fashioned letter – there’s a raft of ways to communicate.


I do this with my clients by sharing some Xocai chocolate with them. I also do with generally with people as my way of saying thank you because what’s better than a piece of delicious, clean, really great for you (nutritious) healthy chocolate ?  LOL !!  Enough of the sales pitch I just felt like it had to be said.

Another way I say thank you to people is by sending a personalised SOC greeting card in the “old fashioned” mail.  For me, here in Australia it can take 5-14 business days to reach the recipient however they’re ALWAYS well received.  You can give it a go for free (( here )) if you would like ?  It has a free walk through guide showing you how to send a card etc so you don’t need to be tech savvy.

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