How being generous to yourself = more pleasure + more money instantly … and it’s free!!

In the last week, I’ve been curiously playing with self-pleasure (my physical+sexual body), my relationship with money (my emotional+mental body which is where my beliefs reside) and intuition (my spiritual+energetic body) for anything I desire and require.
Has it been working ?
Yes. 💥💥💥
This is also what I like to refer to as having bewitchful confidence (it’s where I came up with that concept as well as The Bewitchful Body)
Bewitchful confidence is ultimately divine embodiment (all your ‘bodies’ are connected – ebb and flow (interplay) of when your divine masculine and divine feminine are working in harmony
This is also why for the longest time I have not resonated with the whole hoopla where women are meant to be goddessess. Whilst, yes, I’m a Goddess….. I’m also a God. I’m divinity embodied (or at least that’s who and what I endeavour to ‘be’ each day).
**Interesting side note: I was raised Catholic so this is going against everything I was raised to believe throughout my childhood because in Christianity we’re all born with original sin and ‘need to be saved’ 🙁 So yeh, I’ve been healing and stripping away that very ingrained (to my DNA level) belief all my life to get to this point!
Divinity embodied is all genders (there’s more than male/female!!) and none at the same time. It explains why I naturally deviated from hetrosexuality to bisexuality and am even starting to resonate with pansexuality lately.
Here’s where I’ll get real tho’.
Whilst you can collapse time when you are truly embody-ing your divinity .. and magick really DOES exist (and happen) “at the speed of light” (actually faster sometimes) …
For instance, I know that around every full moon I usually have my moon-time (aka my period)…. and it literally ‘came’ whilst I was typing this post (hahaha!)
Thus I am going to honour the fact that my body is cyclical.
I also honour the fact that I am cyclical on a daily basis – periods when I’m most creative and productive versus periods where I am not.
over-giving which leaves your drained, angry and resentful ?
feeling guilty that you’re being selfish, self-serving and indulgent when you have “me time” ?
“don’t have the time” to be generous to yourself ?
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If you’re still hesitant… let me ask you:
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