How NOT to become persona non grata any time of year ! Tip #2 (of 5)

What is a “persona non grata” ?  It’s that person whom after you invite them to your function you wish to never invite anywhere again !  Basically… someone that is un-welcome or uncomfortably welcomed.   This happens with social media (online) as well not just within real life circles.

Hopefully by sharing these five tips from Kim Klaver you will be welcomed where-ever you go 🙂

 Tip #2

When you have someone’s attention, here’s a trick to keep it:

Resist with all your might the temptation to tell them how great your product, service, or company is.

A few reasons why:

1) You are, in the end, SELLING it, remember. Whether you call it “share,” educate, or any other verbal camouflage, in the end, they discover you have something for them to buy and that (gasp) – you – are paid if they do. That’s why gushing is so ineffective.

That’s also why so many network marketers have no place to go for Christmas dinner. They cannot shut up and cannot quit selling to every single person they bump into.

2) Do you tend to go towards – or away from – that sales person in the room? Talking about how great your thing is (amazing, wonderful, totally earth-shaking, life changing, etc) tells everyone in the room that – yep – you are a sales person.

3) Telling others how great your thing shows everyone around that you only know how to talk about yourself and your great thing.

How does that make THEIR day?

Feel free to add your tip or war story on what happened when you’ve tried to accost everyone about your business or product. Or when you were accosted yourself!

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