How NOT to become persona non grata any time of year ! Tip #3 (of 5)

What is a “persona non grata” ?  It’s that person whom after you invite them to your function you wish to never invite anywhere again !  Basically… someone that is un-welcome or uncomfortably welcomed.   This happens with social media (online) as well not just within real life circles.

Hopefully by sharing these five tips from Kim Klaver you will be welcomed where-ever you go 🙂

Tip #3

Always offer a downside.

When you’re telling someone about the business, always offer a downside. Not only will you surprise the other person with your honesty, but it’s fun to do. Gets boring just telling others how great your thing is.

In my current business, after someone gets the idea of how it works and s

eems interested, I’ll usually ask,

“Anyway, there’s a downside to this. Want to hear it?”

Tim: Yes.

“There’s some drudge work involved. You have to enter all the names and addresses, or get it done.”

Tim: Oh I can do drudge.

Then he signed up as a rep.

Every business has its own set of problems and you can pick one of your own – that YOU find problematic (like the one for me above) and offer it. Right in the middle of their interest, and BEFORE they sign up.

Being perceived as genuine and credible is a giant problem in our business. Offering an honest downside about whatever I’m marketing is something I’ve always done – even when selling real estate.

It seems to bring a sigh of relief on the other end of the phone or FB chat.

Feel free to add your tip or war story on what happened when you’ve tried to accost everyone about your business or product. Or when you were accosted yourself!


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