How To Grow Your Following On Periscope

This is a copy of a status I posted on Facebook (click here for the original post )

It’s not as hard as you think … find people to follow and follow them !

That’s the simple explanation.

The longer explanation:

Go into the Periscope app ( ) and where you have the “group of three people” along the bottom – click on that icon. Then click on the magnifying glass as this is how you search Periscope.

To find people to follow use either their name (if you know it) or keywords: for example… petsit or dogs or business

Scroll through the results. Read the bios. Click on the profile picture to get more information about the person you potentially want to follow…..

IF THEY HAVE LESS THAN 2000 HEARTS – do not follow.

If they only have 1 heart, avoid (for now) !

If a person has only 1 heart they won’t have anything for you to follow (everyone starts with 1 heart – it’s the default). Someone with less than 2000 hearts is “just starting” and whilst some of their content and scopes are awesome from the “get-go” – it’s rare. Usually, someone with 2000 hearts has committed to doing a few scopes (scopes = live streaming videos) thus has the potential to do more.


Another way to grow your following: Find “ON AIR” (LIVE) Periscopers that don’t have a lot of followers that are interesting and interact with them.

This strategy doesn’t work as well for those insanely popular Periscopers like dan&moore as they usually have a fast & furious stream of comments on their scopes (so you get lost in the noise).


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