I did it ! (repeat)



Oh what a feeling !

I’m immortalising this moment for all prosperity to remind myself.  Face the fear and do it anyway.  Plus to remind myself that the Universe has my back and the right person will always appear at the right time.  Thank you so much to Kate and thank you so much to the Universe…. and most importantly THANK YOU TO MYSELF for DOING IT !

What did I do that I’m celebrating ?

Making “Who Do You Know” phone calls.

Similar to cold calling however not quite the same as I’m using the Free Speed Networking Gold Coast list (since I’m co-host) thus whilst some of the people on the list know who I am (as they attend regularly) – others may not remember me.

I also started out ‘light’ by giving myself the goal of doing 5 calls in total.

This was one of those moments where I knew that I couldn’t do this by myself.  It wasn’t working. Doing it by myself I manifested/created distractions and it was way to easy for me to make excuses.. avoid avoid avoid !!

I knew that if I could do these 5 calls I would have a baseline to use … an experience to draw upon … that would show me – I am ok. I can do this. I have got this. Let’s do it ! 😀

What was incredible about all of this is the whole journey to get to this point.

Firstly, the previous blog post which you do not need to read however you’re welcome to read it anyway.   I was feeling a little unsupported, lost and alone.

After speaking with a good friend to remind myself I have some really great people who do know me and who love me for me … all of me.. in my life..  I decided to make the plunge… I decided to call upon the Universe to assist me in dealing with my over-riding life-theme of dealing with my issue of abandonment…  I decided to ask the Universe to reveal to me the right person…

I posted the following status to Facebook:

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 12.42.34 pm

If you click here you can see the full status and all the comments.

As you can see in the comments, Universe gave me a few opportunities.   Eventually, Robbyn popped up and could assist me the next day (today) !  YES !  That’s exactly what I wanted as I wanted to get this experience under my belt and in my memory asap … and stop procrastinating on these phone calls.

Unfortunately, she had to go to the hospital however she sent her daughter, Kate, instead.  Way to go Universe. She was perfect. She is a PE Teacher thus she has a teaching background anyway so KNEW how to deal with people learning new skills.  She was also similar to myself in a lot of ways and we shared a lot in common 🙂  Thank you Kate again you’re awesome.

The English teacher in her helped me flesh out the script I was going to use 🙂

Also, showing her everything allowed her to get a very good idea of the solution I’m providing so as I could be more specific with the problem (what is the challenge I’m trying to solve?).

First call. Chose someone who knew me and had attended the Free Speed Networking regularly.  Whilst he personally wasn’t able to be of assistance, he gave me a great connection !  His flatmate 😀  YES !

Stopped. Celebrated. (See this is the best part of having someone physically there with me – because we were able to do a high five, discuss, etc).  Decided to choose person number two.

Someone who might be familiar with me but not overly familiar with me. Also someone who might actually know women who are wanting to improve their self confidence.

Good possibilities there !

Third call – VOICEMAIL !  Left a quick voicemail message.  Will wait for him to call me back.

Break. Discuss. Need to not be so damn nervous and speak a million words a minute.  Take a breath. BREATHE !

Fourth call – Someone who is familiar with me.  Whilst she couldn’t give me anyone off the top of her head, once again she gave me the heads up on a good contact who also does seminars regularly – thus their might be a possible JV or at least she could speak briefly at my events and vice versa 😉 or something.

We stopped again. Just de-briefed and had a chat and relax.  Before I stopped making excuses to make the fifth call.

Someone who may not remember me from the event.   This was my first one who didn’t know anyone as all her friends were already pretty self-confidence and “out there” (as she described them).  It helped me realise I needed to make clear to people that whilst my 1 Day event is GC based … Lady Vee ( Sensuality / Confidence Coach ) is ultimately able to service anyone anywhere as most of everything else can be done via phone or Skype and so forth.

So there we go.


*huge sigh*

*huge smile*


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