I need to be a “Branded” or “Certified” Coach / Dog Trainer / Whatever …

I get it. I used to be you. I used to think pieces of paper and saying I’m a X coach would be a source of empowerment. Would help me appear to be valid and “legitimate”.

“People would take me more serious with the certification or diploma”

Think about it.

Why did you decide to become a X brand / certified coach ?

For me, the main reason I pursued certifications or to be ‘validated’ by someone else to be their brand of coach was because I had the beLIEf that someone else knew better or more than me.

[ side note: Whilst saying all the above, I still believe there is value in learning from other people however you can easily do that are a client of theirs without having to be their brand of coach / dog trainer / whatever. Youtube, books, websites, webinars, workshops, summits, retreats, the list goes on .. this is the INFORMATION age .. ]

My beLIEf was born from a young age as I ‘had’ to finish high school to have a high school certificate, then I did various TAFE certificates. I was raised (mostly by my father and society) to believe that I ‘needed’ to have these qualifications.

The ironic thing is that I had when I completed my Certificate III in Office Administration to endeavour to get an office job back in my early 20s .. when I went out into the job market .. all of a sudden I was *over* qualified .. everyone was seeking people with a Certificate II not Certificate III ! And due to having the qualification however no experience .. I never found a job.

Then there were the two separate times in my early 30s when I endeavoured to pursue to be a ‘branded’ coach. Both times I was denied ultimately.

Both times I thought I desperately needed to be X brand coach to *FINALLY* be accepted and “make money being a coach” (it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – it’s a calling just as much as being a pet parent, pet carer and tantric masseur are for me).

The reason why I was denied both times was because it wasn’t for me. The second time I was denied the lady (who founded her brand of coaching) wanted to protect her branding because I had strongly branded myself as a retired stripper (at the time).
Think about it: by saying you need to be certified by anyone (a person or brand or university or what-have-you) you are giving away your power. You’re coming from a place of disempowerment and deep victimhood.

You have given your intuition (inner-authority) to someone else.
Let me ask you something…

How does it feel to be afraid of yourself ?
As I know I was .. and it’s only recently I’ve started to “strip” away the beLIEfs (I type it like that to remind myself that all beliefs are lies we tell ourselves, stories we keep to give us an identity as a human) .. and started to really live through my intuition and intuitive knowing.
Our souls do not struggle or live in fear. They have no concept of it.

Fear is an illusion we as humans believe in order to stay alive.


Fear blocks the truth. When we live in truth we are abundant, safe being ourselves, etc.

Living in fear means you are lying to yourself.
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