I’m so excited… and I just can’t hide it…


Hmm… where do I start ? 😀

As mentioned in a previous post, I have my Toastmasters Icebreaker speech coming up next week.  After being overwhelmed with too many choices for what to speak about (and realising how blessed I am to have had such an adventurous life!)….  I told myself to “pick a year”.   I chose a year that was both impactful on a global scale (similar in vein to “where were you when Kennedy got shot” for Generation X) as well as personally impactful.  It’s thanks to what happened in this year that I feel I can proudly say I’m the awesome woman I am today.

It is also thanks to what happened in that year that I am now pursuing this new business venture 😉

I will be 100% coming out about an important moment of my past. A moment I am not ashamed of and treasure.

Interestingly, I made a Facebook event for this moment and I’ve 5 people confirmed to come along…  that’s exciting that these people (some of them purely virtual/internet connections) want to support me.   Many more have said “maybe” … and might come along as well.  Is this putting the pressure on me to present a perfect speech ?  No !  I’ll be nervous regardless if no one came along.  It is actually keeping me accountable by making sure I turn up to do the speech !  No backing out now….

This isn’t the only exciting thing that has happened… I’ve had a few personal breakthroughs.  Things I’ve come to learn and really celebrate/accept about myself…..

  • I’m a story teller.

I love sharing stories from my life.   If I look back at my life I have always had a diary.  Before I was online – it was hand written and I’ve kept one or two of them.  Once I was online this transferred to websites.  Then MySpace back in its heyday where I started to “blog” (on MySpace) about my stripper adventures.  I would also review Strip Clubs and report back about this and that on an active stripper forum.  Even beyond this I write stories as a hobby. To be more specific, when I was a teenager I found an interest in “writing movies”.  I’d come up with a plot and movie poster for my movie.  Nowadays, instead of concentrating on writing multiple movies (I have about a trilogy, a prequel to the trilogy, three other movies – two could possibly be a tv series these days – that have rattled around in my heads for decades)…. I’m currently spending any downtime writing the prequel to the trilogy.   It’s a mash up of a movie screenplay and novel style of writing.

I can easily spend hours upon hours writing that prequel.  The performer in me is being satisfied too as I tend to “act out” each scene.. being each character so as I can picture the scene.. how the story will develop… the characters’ feelings.. and then the natural dialogue and actions that would happen.

I’m literally never bored now. The best part about this is that I don’t need the internet so when I’m home without internet I have something to occupy myself with that brings me enjoyment.

Will these ever be published ? Who knows. They may never be published.  Someone may stumble across these after I have long transitioned this plane of existence and decide to make the movies or tv shows or publish as a novel or whatever.  I’m not fussed.  This is purely a hobby thing for me.

  • My version of Think Like A Stripper for Business Success

…. aka “YAY!! I found a topic to speak about at business events!!   I’ve been racking my brain for a long long time for possible topics I could speak about with a mixed audience as well as in a business networking event type of a capacity (where they want someone to speak about a business related subject). Erika .. thank you for writing that eBook.  Whilst I have yet to purchase the full eBook … it started churning the wheels in my head.

Relating to my previous “revelation” about being a story teller …  I started thinking…  a “typical night in a strip club” as well as even a lap dance can EASILY be told thus related back to business behaviours.  I’m not kidding.  Here’s a sample of what I mean:

At the beginning of my shift as a stripper, I would pay my house fee, choose my outfit as well as decide on how much money I would make that night. I would even go so far as breaking it down to how many lap dances I needed to sell and what types would help me reach that goal.

How this relates to the business world:  At the beginning of each day or week we pay our house fee via the costs associated with running a business especially any marketing.  We also choose our outfit whether it be PJs or something else.  Hopefully the outfit you choose helps you feel awesome. Then before we start the week, we usually have an end goal for income in mind and thus needs to know how much we need to earn each day too (hopefully).  What services or products or both do you need to sell and how many to reach this goal ?

That is just one small portion of the whole story.  Here’s the lap dance version 😉

Time to do a lap dance !  You’ve sold the customer … now it is time to deliver 🙂  On the way to the lap dance spot, this is a great way to build anticipation and expectations even though you’ve made the sale.  If you want to make good money as a stripper, you want people to buy multiple dances or even extend for a longer period of time as a stripper you’re selling time not just a lap dance.  Time to start doing the lap dance.  What song is playing ? Does it make you feel sexy ?  No ? How can you make yourself feel sexy ?  Talk to the client.  Tease.  Close to the customer. Now you’re away. On the floor. Standing up.  Make it an interesting experience if you can’t read him and figure out if he is a Tits, Ass or Pussy man.  

How this relates to business:  Even in the short space between the sale and the delivery of the product or service you can work on your customers.  Do you have anything on your Thank You page if you’re selling anything online ?  The Thank You page is a great opportunity to build the anticipation and expectations so you can sell other products and/or services.  Just like stripping, you want people to purchase multiple times or at least upgrade for a higher priced option .. right ?  Then the product and/or service you’re offering has to “perform”.  Make it interesting.  Find out what they want so you can leave them satisfied.  (need I say more… ?  I’ll elaborate in another blog post)

  • I think I’ve figured out a way to get out of my existing business that works for me 🙂

My existing business is a pet care service.  It is also my main income as Lady Vee has not generated an income as yet.  Thus my problem is two-fold:  how do I start to leave my existing business so as I can work upon Lady Vee to ensure her success whilst also ensuring I do not loose any income AND find someone else “to be me” (aka “the face of Gold Coast Pets”).   I also wanted to include a coaching or consulting element to it because I’ve been doing this business since late 2007 and have a LOT of experience … what I’ve done right, wrong and everything in between.  I’ve always wanted to have “staff” that paid me $X and were guaranteed to work with me for an extended time so they could learn “on the job” then go off to have their own business success (whether with my business if they wanted to stay on or start their own business).

Another person gave me this idea a long time ago however I never really did anything with it.  It’s come to a point in my life where I really need to look into this idea further (and I’ve come up with something).  I’d only want two people at a time maximum since I’ll be splitting my time between Lady Vee and working with these two people.


I’ll finish this here…  feel this is a long enough update for you 🙂


Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below !


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