Inside the Digital Lives of Australian Women Entrepreneurs

…including me !  I’m number 19 !

Over 30 of Australia’s most passionate and ambitious business women share their online tools for productivity, sharing, community building, and so much more.  Available now for pre-order at the special price of just $14.95.

How did I get to become number 19 ?  Easy.  I replied to the “shout out” from Orsi whom is the Founder of Women as Entrepreneurs.  It’s as simple as that 🙂

Inside the book, some amazing women have shared their “can’t live without” resources, and sites that make their lives a little easier. There is a page at the back that has all the links in one place. I’m looking forward to spending some time to check them all out, you never know, I may find some new resources to help me.  ~~  Melissa who is also featured within the book (click here to read more about Melissa)

If you want to find out how you can be in the next issue or join the WE community – go to

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