Is it thought of as being “weak” if you are within your feminine power in the business world ?

This piece of rambling has come about due to a little bit of a rant Leela Cosgrove has on her business page  ( click here to read it ) recently.

As women are we STILL meant to be more masculine in order to achieve business greatness ?  Do you think women who are in touch with their sensuality and feminine selves aren’t as celebrated and perceived as weaker “in business circles” ?

Do you think this attitude of always going to the male (even if the female and male are EQUAL partners in a business – not married, not lovers – business partners) is because it is still a new paradigm where women are “in positions of power and influence” ?

Or could it be because of the reason Nassim Khadem mentions in her article ” Why only 14 women make the BRW Rich 200 ”  (read in full – click here)

Look at the list and you’ll notice two things. Firstly, most of the women on it are there with their husbands. Secondly, most of the woman on it have inherited their fortunes, rather than built them from scratch.

Thus… do we still have a long way to go to be thought of as decision makers, movers and shakers in the business world ?

Do you feel any of this might actually stem from the fact that a lot of us are very disconnected from our feminine sensuality ?    Or view it as unimportant and secondary to being masculine or “business-like” ?

Seriously, how can we expect any sort of success if we lack confidence in ourselves as women ?  We’re too busy picking apart our own body imperfections (and sometimes those of other women) to be concerned about supporting female leaders in the business world ?

Are there any women whom you can think of that you feel are connected to themselves as women (their sensuality) .. have that confidence where they don’t apologise for being female.. for being woman… and have some resemblance of influence (whatever you perceive that to be) ?

Do YOU regard yourself as one of these women ?

Do I regard myself as one of these women ?  Honestly, not yet.  I’m only just starting on my journey.  I only recently re-claimed my feminine sensuality IMO and am endeavouring to incorporate it into my life (and business hahaha!).

I would love to be able to achieve some resemblance of success/influence where I can show women that they can do it.  I guess that is possibly one of the unconscious reasons I’ve chosen to remain single both in a business sense (I’m not keen on partnerships in business…  joint ventures or collaboration is different) and a personal sense (I’m not interested in dating currently nor am I in any rush to find a partner).

On top of Leela’s rant tho’ … it doesn’t help when one of the two people who are running for election for “the top job” as Prime Minister of Australia has shown time and time again his total disrespect for females as leaders, thinkers and equals in this respect.  ( click here for an example of what I mean )


  • Take ownership of how you feel as a woman – in your body & mind.
  • Be assertive not aggressive.  Speak up. Be heard.
  • Societal change can sometimes be slow – if you don’t feel like being a leader it is totally okay to be a supporter of those leaders like Leela.
  • Support other women in their choices – that is feminism.  You don’t have to like the choice. Just be supportive of the freedom to have that choice – remember it wasn’t really THAT long ago … women didn’t have the right (or choice) to vote.  (the argument about compulsory voting can be for another day, another place hahahaha)
  • Give Amanda and Juli a listen ( click here )
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