Is This Typical Money A Stripper Makes ?


Click here for the DailyMail newspaper article I speak about within the video.

In this video I talk about my own personal experiences as a strip club dancer.  These are my experiences and I only speak for myself.

There were times when I worked within a strip club to make $1k or more in a night.  There were also plenty of times when I walked out in the negative.

Ultimately, strip club strippers are independent contractors.  We usually pay the club in some form:  via a percentage from lap dances sold or a door fee.

Thus are a special kind of commission based salesperson:  if we do not make any money through tips on stage (if the club allows you to do table dances and/or accept stage tips as there are some clubs that will not) or selling lap dances or any other means (yet selling lap dances is the typical way a stripper in a strip club will make her money)…  we do not earn.

It is always our choice, we can pay the fee and sit on our asses for the rest of the night and not earn a cent or “hustle baby” !

I will admit I was also not typical in that I was one of the very few (in the minority) who could do the work sober.  Too many dancers do find they have to have something (alcohol or drugs or both or whatever) to be able to do the work.  I wasn’t sober every single shift as there were times I would have a social drink with a regular especially if he had booked me for a few hours (aka ‘customer service’ by building rapport).

Thus… whilst strippers may appear to make some killer money each shift they work… you have to remember also that we pay to work… we also have business expenses like anyone else:  outfits, shoes, make-up, hair (never one of mine as I would just “brush and go”), and so forth.   Then there is the mental/emotional expense.  Personally, I’m a natural flirt. I loved being paid to be a flirt and sensual and sexual… I loved being paid to be up on stage and having all eyes on me… and in the end… I really enjoyed being naked.   I loved the freedom of being naked… and yes, there were definitely many times I enjoyed being objectified.   Being the object of peoples’ attention/lust/desires.

Anyway, the “typical” money a stripper makes comes down to a myriad of factors yet ultimately starts and ends with the stripper herself.

And like anything within the business world:

It is all in your attitude !

StripperLike Confidence is about being a bewitching, powerful, magical woman who is courageous enough to be vulnerable and real/authentic.

Oh… and there IS a reason why I did the video without make-up 😉

Can you be confident in your nakedness ?

If I could do the video naked I would as “it’s just a body” to me. I’m long past being concerned about what other people think of my body.  I now enjoy it. I adore it.  I love what it can do for me 🙂

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